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Weapons stolen from Akouedo, Ouattara has violated the embargo

Weapons stolen from Akouedo, Ouattara has violated the embargo

On the night of 5 to 6 August 2012, gunmen attacked the barracks Akouedo, at 03h in the morning. If the death toll ranged from 6 to 11 people according to sources, differences remain over stolen weapons in that barracks.
The AFP said "over 200 weapons of any kind"; Jeune Afrique speaks of "over 250 kalachs and other weapons non-chained", the pro-government daily The Mandate reveals "two trucks filled with weapons taken away." Hamed Bakayoko,
Ouattara's regimeInterior Minister  in his press conference against a backdrop of free charge, was content to rather speak  of  "one hundred  kalachs and RPG7 found in the forest after being abandoned by the attackers. "
What weapons were there stolen Akouédo? Why, when
Bakayoko the Minister reassures that stolen weapons were found, Zacharia Kone and his men  continue to disturb the peaceful population of Bingerville looking for Akouédo stolen weapons  ?
All these questions have guided the research
the more credible  blogs of the resistants. Here is the list of weapons allegedly carried away  by "the gunmen" who attacked the Akouedo barracks , on the night of 5 to 6 August 2012:
- 3
mobile missile launchers SAM7  surface to air;- 4 missile parts;- An anti-tank weapon using self-guided rockets and 4 rockets;- 250 new Kalashnikov;- A box of grenades.
The Minister Hamed Bakayoko was not speak of such an arsenal at his press conference on the
Akouedo attack . But even if this arsenal  existed and  would have been swept away, Ouattara's regime has no interest in bringing this information to the public. To the extent that:
1 - 1 - It would disturb the tranquility of advantage the government supporters(International community);
2-2 - It would prove that Ouattara has violated the embargo since only
Gbagbo's heavy weapons  stored in the barracks had been bombed by French and UN forces in April 2011.

Obviously, Ouattara returned from
his last travels with  plane full of weapons  but not least. Prevented by the arms embargo it has itself helped to impose on the Cote d'Ivoire, Ouattara violates the most awkward of ways. It took unfortunately or fortunately the attack to bring into knowledge  his regime underground armament. .
It is appropriate to ask the supervisors/monitors(UN) of the embargo more vigilance. Because, as stated by Mr. Daniel Kedem, former Israeli Ambassador to Cote d'Ivoire "if you give weapons to this man (Ouattara), he will kill all Ivorians"
Overview of missile launchers stolen. These are not toys, according to credible sources, these formidable missile launchers are capable of shooting down three fighters at the same at once .

 Akouedo, FRCI, Attaque, lanceur de missile

Written  by Alain Doh Bi

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