Saturday, 4 August 2012

The former IMF Director for Afrca Mr Alassane D. Ouattara from Burkina Faso has been made up President of Ivory Coast by the so called international community

 Mr Alassane D Ouattara from Burkina  Faso the former IMF Director for Africa was made President of the Ivory Coast by the so called international  community against the choice of the Ivorians who was Gbagbo the democratically elected legal President. And the BBC wonder why the truth commission set up after rigged election  is unable to work properly when truth and justice are absent from the whole issue. All the Ivorians are asking for is the recount of the vote the establish the truth the the release of all those who are illegally incarcerated .

This man is a fraudster, He has never been Ivorian reason why the West wanted him as head of the state of Ivory Coast  so he can sale put the country's riches . This African magazine dated  of December 1984 shows clearly that he is a Burkina Faso national named director of the IMF for Africa...Not an Ivorian so no wonder why they(Ivorians) never voted him as president  but rather the President Gbagbo whom the so called international community overthrown  and illegally holding at the Hague.

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