Monday, 6 August 2012

Right to Protect(R2P) who ?

It's the UNOCI troops who are now providing security at Akouedo military Camp .
They installed three checkpoints in the camp.They are at least a hundred and are armed with weapons of 12.7 mm  and armored vehicles and tanks.If FRCI herdsmen who are armed are monitored during this time who protects the poor Ivorian we are?clip_image002
See photos: Akouédo: The militia of UNOCI ensure the safety of FRCI (7 photos)


Update on the
camps attack :Advantage of a mutiny by soldiers in protest against arbitrary arrest and torture in the army, the situation will quickly escalate the attack on both sides until Akouedo total control of those camps. Heavy fighting took place in the camps and surrounding areas.The situation in the Akouedo camp : 6 deaths (provisional), stores of arms were broken, several weapons carried away. The mutineers cannot be found, the gun shops  are empty ...Objectives of the mutineers were met according to their spokesman. They manage to take up arms and made themselves  be heard. Still according to their spokesperson, those involved in the Akouedo attack came into contact with Parisian media and describe themselves as angry FRCI, in mutiny are protesting against arbitrary arrest and torture in the camps.According to reports, the fighting would continue even on Bingerville side. The local population remains holed up at home despite  Ouattara government's call to return to work. Now please someone tells me where is the Right to Protect(R2P) mission of the UN in defending  and protecting a military camp where soldiers are protesting against  arbitrary arrest and torture ? Is  the UN the official army of the Ivorian government ? This might confirm the conspiracy theory which says that Ivory Coast is the country in full possession of the New World Order with the UN as the controlling army. We've got testimonies of villagers saying that the UN refused to protect them in the case they wanted to stay in their own village pretesting that they could not monitor all the villages. The UN then made a sort of concentration camps called refugees camps where many other NGO's are meant to supervise everything specially security of the refugees. Yet just as was the case in Duekoue genocide right under the nose of all the monitors (specially the UN )another massacre in the camp happened few days ago, still with empty condemnations from the UN, not a single resolution or concrete condemnation.We hear all day long about Assad army 's exaction  toward the rebels but no one seems to care about real civilians (not terrorists like we see in Syria) put in concentration camp so they won't  get access to their cocoa and gumtree plantations (which are plundered by the Burkinabes and Dozo FRCI on behalf of the Chocolate corporates and other multinationals) , then massacred when they ask to return to their village, all this orchestrated by the  so called international community mainly the UN.The aim is the full control of the land and its resources . As George Soros explains overthrowing the sovereign  governments since it's the mains barriere of the open society the philosophy of New World Order to impose itself economically , socially by force . Using all sort of manipulation  especially the medias, the NGO's etc, they can make up story of suffering population under dictatorship which need help for freedom and democracy. Alleged crime against humanity are made up in order to built a false international opinion then have their support. They then activate their influence in UN(notice that the UN and the IMF and World Bank are one body and these guys are the main founders of the UN, IMF and WB). From this background we can understand what's going on in Ivory Coast when we know that this country is the world number one cocoa producer , within the 3rd best biggest producer of Coffee, with  a big reserve of high quality oil, gold, diamond etc. When a well known Burkina Faso national of the IMF is imposed to the Ivorians firstly(more than 25 yeaes ago a minister of  the finance and economy) through the financially criminal structural adjustment plan in order to sabotage the economy  and put the country in the statute of High Indebted Poor Country which in plain language means country in Bankrupt . He was imposed as IMF director department Africa to so called restructure they economy but in reality his role was to sabotage the economy, which he did not not succeed due to some events which are to long to go through here. As we know that a bankrupt country is to be taken over by the multinationals which are the main founders of the IMF. He went back to Washington at IMF from where he was manipulating the financial system to reach his goal. more than 25 years later he presents himself as an Ivorian(notice that being a high international officer under a different nationality in his case Burkina Faso he could not be eligible to present himself as a presidential candidate at the election even if he claims to be naturalized Ivorian. Under the rule  of first of the  president anyone could be part of his government  an express naturalization could be made  for that purpose although it's not always legalized which seems to be the case of Mr Alassane D. Ouattara whom all the document from the the IMF show him as a Bukina Faso national. So why does the "international community" wants him as the head of a state against the Ivorian people will ? Well the answer is simplistic but true only a non Ivorian would be willing to sell out  the country for free the way it's currently going on . There have never been a real R2P in Ivory Coast in fact if this R2P was for real now would be the right time to use it against Ouattara's forces and even arrest him since he's the supreme chef of this terrorist army.

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