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High moral standard, integrity and the mafia style ruling

If it looks the mafia, smells like the mafia acts like the  mafia then it must be the mafia..
Strengthening security in Côte d'Ivoire: The UK ready to seize the UN


Government activities: the ambassador of UK, Mr. David Simon Tonge with the Minister of State `Hamed Bakayoko
Wednesday, August 22, 2012. Abidjan. Office of the Minister `s State Minister of interior . Hamed Bakayoko receives SEM David Simon Tonge, Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland `in Côte d'Ivoire

Abidjan - The United Kingdom is ready to 
seize the Security Council of the United Nations to strengthen the Security the Ivory Coast, said on Thursday in the Ivorian press.

Received in audience on Wednesday by the Ivorian Minister of the Interior, Hamed Bakayoko, Ambassador of Great Britain in Côte d'Ivoire, Simon Tonge David exchanged with the host on security issues in the context of renewed violence, marked by repeated attacks against the Ivorian army by unknown gunmen, the newspaper reported Fraternite Matin.

Côte d'Ivoire is within the scope of an embargo on the importation of arms, established by resolution of the Security Council 1572-2004 UN, the strongest military-political crisis in Côte d'Ivoire since 2004, recalls one.

British diplomat said that his country will continue its support to the Ivorian government, seizing the UN "to strengthen the security of the Côte d'Ivoire."


Now its well known that slavery in the old days was of economic order as it is in the modern days. The shackles and the whip have been replaced by debts
and sanctions, embargoes.ICC sentences, assets freezing. The shackles are laid on Africans through the IMF which has strangely transformed countries very in resources into High Indebted Poor Countries , and the whip is used through the UNSC, EU etc the UN /NATO/French troops are those guarding  or executing the slaves. Otherwise how on earth someone in his/her right mind could say such thing as "his country will continue its support to the Ivorian government, seizing the UN "to strengthen the security of the Côte d'Ivoire." knowing that we are dealing with a genocide perpetrator regime? It was the British Red Cross who reported the Duekoue genocide.  UNOCI spokesman, Kenneth Blackman, told reporters in Abidjan that members of the armed forces, known as FRCI, are accused of carrying out rapes, acts of torture, armed robberies and other abuses(kidnapping, massacres) in several locations

Human rights abuses in Côte d'Ivoire on rise: UN

undefined UNOCI peacekeepers
Human rights violations perpetrated by soldiers are on the rise in the West African country of Côte d'Ivoire, according to the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Côte d'Ivoire (UNOCI).
UNOCI spokesman, Kenneth Blackman, told reporters in Abidjan that members of the armed forces, known as FRCI, are accused of carrying out rapes, acts of torture, armed robberies and other abuses in several locations in recent weeks.
And all that without a single arrest or a single Security Council resolution , we are not even talking about the Duekoué genocide where aver 1000 civilians were killed (according to the British Red cross  who counted bodies) by Ouatarra forces and the continuous daily human right abuses.
American Embassy’s National Daily Press Review
This daily press review is compiled by the Information Section of the Public Affairs Office of the American Embassy in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire.
1.      New details on armed attack and mass prison break in Dabou
2.      Ivorian and Liberian authorities say the UN must help monitor security along their common border
3.      Gender-based violence still calls for action, woman rights activist says
4.       South Africa-based airline company to resume activities from Abidjan
3. Gender-based violence still calls for action, woman rights activist says
According to Mrs. Josiane Adoubi, the National Coordinator of the PAIMSC, a government-sponsored task force set up to fight against gender-based violence, efforts are still needed to address the issue. Speaking in the course of an interview with Notre Voie (p. 6), Mrs. Adoubi argued that  though achievements have been made over the past decade, the recent political and social unrest have exacerbated the issue of gender-based violence nationwide; hence her plea for continued support from the government and international partners in the fight against the phenomenon.
For questions regarding this service, please contact: Mr. Folli Teko in the Public Affairs Press Office, TekoFX@state.gov.

As we rightly said before
Ouattara stands on the"international community's omnipotence " to commit odious crimes against the Ivoirians. With such support from the UK and other Western countries as well as the UN there's no doubt one can kill in all impunity. Notice that the UK and France have signed a "secret" (secret in the sens that majority of British and French citizen never heard of it)treaty for common or join army. And Francois Hollande in order to keep his promise of not getting involved in the African internal affairs can easily pass the relay stick to his British counterpart to do the dirty job Sarkozy was doing. This is nothing but a real mafia activity as we know that the firm Armajero, led by the British Anthony Ward(former Bristish secret service agent) and  whose Africa director is Loïc Folloroux , the step-son of the current head of state, has been repeatedly suspected of having been "involved" of different attempts to destabilize the Ivory Coast, to the point of speculating quite appropriately, is also interested by the issue. "Anthony Ward [...] wants to go to the conquest of arable land in Africa. In summer 2009 already, the company distributed two million dollars to cooperatives and farmers Certified 'network'  Sustainable Production "in collaboration with GTZ, USAID and Kraft. After the certified cocoa and coffee , the UK Holding  turns to food, this time betting on the population boom and the increasing world's hunger, "wrote the journal The Economic Africa in July 2010.After Liberia and Sierra Leone would it be Ivory Coast ?The American speculator George Soros(Antony Ward's partner), whose name has often been cited among the financial supporters(in arming rebels, destabilizing the the legal, sovereign regime through his philanthropic organization and NGO suxh as HWR) of Ouattara's political adventure, also  has"eyes open". "I am convinced that lands will become one of the best investments of our time. Eventually, of course, food prices reach a level where the market will likely be inundated with food, following the development of new lands, or new technologies, or both, and the high market will disappear. But we're not there yet, "he said in June 2009.Furthermore, when one observes the two African countries most affected by grabbing  ofarable land in black Africa, we see that the first two being Liberia (67% of arable land in the hands of foreign groups) and Sierra Leone ( 15%). These countries are, like Ivory Coast, the West African countries that have experienced terrible wars that benefited "the new predators," where the "international community" has installed his foals after elections that she controlled from start to finish, and where UN operations continue long after the armed conflict in order to protect new food moguls before using the power of states to impose themselves  on the natives? You would find Antony Ward and George Soros linked very often to mafia style financial transactions , regime destabilization and the IMF which is in fact one body with the UN....Now can you see the big picture ? In Syria we have to destabilize the legal, legitimate regime for being over repressive on armed rebels. And in Ivory Coast as well as in DR Congo we have to protect the genocide perpetrator, human right abuser regimes who guaranty to sell out the sovereignty of country and lets us exploit the resources almost for free since they are ranked High Indebted Poor Countries known in plain language as bankrupt therefore belonging to the multinationals mafia clothed in the IMF. Notice that in UK , France, US repression on protesters ,rioters are seen as  reestablishing order yet we do worse in other people countries by organizing armed rebellions to destabilize and overthrow legal regimes.The UK is known as one of the most  integrate high moral standard countries in the world and we should not go in the way of the mafia if we want to defend the British value, Our Interest would be well defended if we keep the value of high moral standard and expose the mafia.

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