Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Double standard in the Right to Protect(R2P) in Ivory Coast

On August 8, 2012 by IVOIREBUSINESS - An extensive manhunt is currently taking place in Abidjan and throughout the country, after the attack on17th arrondissement police station in Yopougon , as well as  Abengourou  and Akouedo military camps .The army, under the guise of mopping to find the assailants wearing masks and carrying weapons is engaged in a frantic race to arbitrary arrests, law-abiding citizens and often without any evidence.
According to several sources,FRCI would
currently engage in massacres of unarmed people in the area of ​​Akandjé Bingerville  on the alleged grounds that they would harbor attackers. Bingerville is the excitement and consternation. Many civilians are killed or arrested by the FRCI the pretext of complicity with the hooded commandos who attacked the Akouedo camp  and  made 11 dead among the FRCI. Bingerville Populations reject all the accusations and call the government and UNOCI, in order to end ethnic cleansing, arrests and killings of Ebrie people .
It is in this context that Mr. Toussaint Zako, lawyer of President Laurent Gbagbo, and resident  of the
Feh Kesse district in Bingerville on the way to the Riviera, was arrested Monday by Cherif Ousmane and Koné Zacharia commanders at 13H , on the grounds that the Unidentified combatants  would be at  his home.For three hours they spend combing his home and submit to an examination of more muscular. Without finding anything.Even so, Mr. Toussaint Dako is shipped by the soldiers in an impressive military detachment.This is a call from the General Staff of FRCI, who saw the obvious risk to stop a lawyer of President Gbagbo, without proof, that will require Cherif Ousmane and Koné Zacharia , to release  Dako.According Miaka Ouretto, president of FPI, the accusations of complicity in the coup made against the FPI  by Ouattara regime, are false and made without the slightest shred of evidence, and are likely to undermine national reconciliation. for Laurent Akoun ,  the spokesman of the FPI party condemns in the strongest terms this wave of deadly violence and urges the Government to take all necessary steps to actively seek and report the perpetrators to justice.
Eric Lassale

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