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Beheading by chainsaw , foreign fighters and money: some truths about Free Syrian Army

chainsaw Beheading , foreign fighters and money: some truths about Free Syrian Army

MOUNADIL AL djazairi

Beheading chainsaw, foreign fighters and money: some truths about Free Syrian Armynasser August 22, 2012[0] commentsBy
MOUNADIL AL djazairi

Décapitations à la tronçonneuse, combattants et argent étrangers: quelques vérités sur l’Armée Syrienne Libre

Beheading chainsaw, foreign fighters and money: some truths about Free Syrian Army

this is quite the amazing El Pais newspaper article. It is designed as a piece of propaganda for the armed opposition to the Syrian government.Except that the journalist, Mayte Carrasco, who apparently stayed there several times alongside members of the Free Syrian Army is a professional and it reports facts that are uplifting and contradict the propaganda about an obvious : money abroad and many foreign fighters from everywhere, France, Australia, Spain ...
And imagine that among these foreign fighters, there are even non-Muslims. That is to say either soldiers or agents of Western countries or mercenaries recruited and paid for by the West that you want.We even have a large battalion of the famous Free Syrian Army which is made, directed and financed by a member of a wealthy family from Dubai (prototype of democracy as we know).Syrian fewer actually do understand as the title and subtitle of the article.
Fighters otherwise unable to conduct real combat operations unless the command is assumed by the headquarters of the ASL in Turkey, that is to say, in reality by advisors Americans, British and French.Combatants who do not bother prisoners except for the shot or beheaded with a chainsaw.The weight of the Salafists is otherwise clearly indicated, both in terms of human presence as the significant financial contribution to be denied by the journalist who finds herself on the lonely fighters called Free Syrian Army.But perhaps this is a work of rewriting done in Madrid led to this strange result that I give you.The Free Syrian Army changing face- Rebels harden their actions in the war and kill those they consider traitors- Foreigners are increasingly in their brigadesby Mayte Carrasco, El Pais (Spain) August 21, 2012 translated from Spanish by DjazaïriAssad, lion Rankús smiles to visitors as if it was a big day for him. However, the commander of al Djeich Hor (Free Syrian Army, LAS) which bears the same name as his main enemy, President Bashar al-Assad has suffered there just a half-hour wait in which he lost one of his men. "I have not been able to bring his corpse, because the bomb was shredded," he explained. In addition, it has struck a traitor he was questioned for three hours. Kneeling, with no signs of fatigue, the Lion takes a piece of bread and eat as if nothing was speaking of Byzantine Antiquities.This is what surprises most fighters in ASL, their consistency, their willingness to die for the win and fight to the end. A feeling which is reinforced progressively's advanced conflict that began in March 2011. ASL is born a little later, in autumn 2011 when, tired of attending the brutal repression of peaceful demonstrations, which ended with the murders of opponents helpless and half of those in prison, many decided to take up arms, to buy a gun and join the ASL to defend their families.The Face of ASL has changed. It no longer includes only Syrians, mostly Sunni Muslims men, aged between 17 and 40 years, who let his beard grow to differentiate themselves soldiers of the regime, because the number of katibas (brigades) has increased and they now welcome foreign jihadists from around the world to help the cause. "In mine, there is a Canadian and an Australian," says Abu Khattab, a young belonging to a prominent family in Dubai who has created his own battle group, Al Khadra which includes a thousand men. There are also French, British and even Spanish Muslims.The brigade's most famous and largest is Al farouq, although there are many others, such as Brigade 77, and there are some Christians [not Christians Syrians so because the reporter would have specified Note Djazaïri]. "We did not name our Islamic group because we believe that if NATO intervened, we eliminate it for extremism," admits laughing commander Assad. The majority of brigades coordinates with the Central Command in Turkey for large operations, such as Damascus and Aleppo, although for local skirmishes, many are determined independently.In their ranks, there are no members of al Qaeda or radical Islamists, at least in the southeast of the country. Only a few are openly Salafi, and recognize because they do not smoke, are more conservative and wear long beards and curly pants with a cuff above the ankle [apparently held his Syrian note Djazaïri] . But there are no signs of radicalization of members of the majority ASL or will create a radical Islamic state after the fall of al-Assad. "All we want is to end the corrupt dictatorship then return to our normal lives and give up their arms," ​​said Captain Abu Alsous, owner of a large supermarket and current leader of the ASL in province of Homs.The question of funding is more difficult because "most of the money we receive comes from the Salafists. The problem is that we ask for something in return, this is where we will have problems, "says Dr. Abbas, head of the local committee of Al Qusayr. Other sources report strong financial contributions of the Muslim Brotherhood. "For the moment they leave all grow a beard, but when all is done, things will return to normalcy," Abbas promises.Over the months of violence, brutality has gripped both sides. While Bashar al-Assad bombed cities die thousands of men, women and children trapped in the conflict, sending his henchmen [shabiha] commit massacres [civilian massacres are the result of opponents government, it is a fact of public notoriety, note Djazaïri], raping women [as in Libya with these invented stories? Note Djazaïri] and chase the enemy from house to house as Baba Amro (Homs), ASL has also tightened its practices.In February, I saw a mass grave with the bodies of at least six men, believed to be informants of the regime, which had apparently been executed around Qusayr al. The rebel army is little prisoners, and in July, she performed in a barracks deemed a traitor, his hands tied behind his back and blindfolded. One of the fighters showed a video in which we see soldiers of al-Assad's hands are tied. A chainsaw appears in the image and cut their head. I realized that I was in the place where the sequence was filmed because the cushions beside me on the chair where I was sitting, I could see and feel abundant traces of the bloody two people.Hatred and resentment grew among the combatants, many of whom have lost many friends and relatives. Hidden in houses scattered in the countryside, some taken from rich shabiha or supporters of the regime, is to wait for their daily operations small style guerrilla war they perform sporadically. "There's no hurry, we want to complete a revolution," said Abu Alsous to a beautiful splash pool in which some of his men.His brigade has two tanks stolen troops al-Assad. However, even if the weapons and ammunition arrived today with more abundant in winter, his guns and RPGs are still not sufficient to deal with the Syrian army has 4,000 tanks, planes that are pictures from the sky, helicopters bomb, advanced technology and telecommunications dozens of infiltrators in the ranks of the ASL. The latter has recently created a secret police is responsible to detect. "We found three deserters who installed SIM card location in various barracks. We killed them, "says one of the officers of the ASL Qusayr al.Despite all the difficulties, the rebel army is now stronger than ever, with his determination and hatred accumulated during that time. They no longer expect any help from the West, they only know [she forgot the thousands of foreign fighters she was talking about herself, note Djazaïr]. "The victory is ours, God willing," assures Assad, even if it will take in six months or more, "he predicted. More time, more lives lost, more bloodshed in a civil war that will not end tomorrow.