Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Northern motorway: a police found dead, slain


After police Lt. Yacouba Koné, it is the Commissioner Alain Amane who was abducted and murdered in mysterious circumstances worthy of a thriller. And reflect the total insecurity in which is immersed Côte d'Ivoire under Alassane Ouattara  . with army forces Composites  in which some branches are criminalized.Alert. Killers cops are the city. With these serial murders, Côte d'Ivoire is plunged dangerously in a chronic insecurity and risk of descending into chaos if we are not careful. While attacks against the positions of the FRCI are still a mystery, the Ouattara regime refusing to open a serious investigation, another phenomenon - more pernicious - is taking shape. It is the rape followed by murder of police officers who tends to generalize. In the space of a week, the police recorded a second victim in its ranks. After police lieutenant Yacouba Koné, killed by several bullets last week after being abducted by a "commando unknown", the Commissioner of Police 29th District neighborhood located in Biafra, in Treichville, who found death yesterday under equally mysterious.According to reports, yesterday during the day the was a rumor that the abdugation of the Commissioner Alain Amane invaded the networks of the national police. The news was taken seriously. Searches were undertaken expeditiously will find, alas, his lifeless body on the highway north, precisely in the vicinity of the town of Elibou ext kilometer 75, in the administrative district of Sikensi. Sources say that the police officer was murdered and that he had died when his captors left him on the north highway .His body was transported, according to our informants, the Military Hospital of Abidjan (HMA). An autopsy will tell more about the exact circumstances of the brutal murder series. Indignation is large in the national police where different bodies take the bet does not go unpunished serial murders within the corporation. In the space of a week, and are two police officers who were killed after being abducted by men in military uniforms and traveling in 4x4 vehicles. The police station in the 33rd district police in Port-Bouet Gonzagueville the lieutenant Yacouba Koné was abducted by heavily armed strangers led him to an unknown destination before been executed by several bullets. Despite the intervention of two police commissioners who were able to come into contact with the kidnappers.  Eyes were then turned to the FRCI central base in Port-Bouet . Which suggests to a serial killers or settling of accounts whose authors are lurking in the army.Emmanuel Akani

Is thus we have been always supporting and intend to continue supporting with the taxpayers money ?

Meanwhile David Simon Tonge, Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland `in Côte d'Ivoire said that his country will continue its support to the Ivorian government, seizing the UN "to strengthen the security of the Côte d'Ivoire" 
Well the first to do should be bringing the head of the army to justice since these crimes are organized to get rid of the previous Ivorian officers and replace them by foreigners it's no linger a secret.

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