Saturday, 9 July 2011

We are the champions of coups" said the spokeman of the internationally recognised "president " imposed by coup the French and UN troops..

Sidiki Konate in Divo, "We are the champions of coups" "We hear they want to do a coup. They can not. You can not teach an old dog new tricks, because when we talk about the coup, is us. We are the champions of coups. " This is how that Sidiki Konate, Minister of Tourism and Handicraft spoke Sunday, July 3 last mayor of Divo. He was referring to the FPI and other relatives of Laurent Gbagbo that he suspects that threatens the regime Ouattara. Sidiki Konate was in the city of the Djiboutian to preside over a ceremony of reconciliation. A ceremony shunned by locals. This did not prevent the member of the government to encourage Ouattara in terms scarcely veiled, the FRCI to continue to commit crimes and other abuses against local populations, especially the village leaders and activists of the FPI, the party Laurent Gbagbo. Under the pretext that they would hold weapons. Minister Sidiki Konate heard clearly in top form in the prefect Joseph Kpan Droh ensure himself the success of the search operation in the region. "Unlike Bedie, Gbagbo came to power and turned all the heads of villages in the region of the warlords. Gbagbo gave weapons everywhere. Moreover, the Crs 3 was installed by Divo by Gbagbo to kill people Dioula. We know what happened here. The CRS can not go without leaving the area of ​​weapons. You must deposit them at the close of the prefect or FRCI. For, by Divo, has not yet recovered weapons while you numerous. We know that. You file them now, "he threatened. He was surprised that the militants close to Gbagbo Divo are complaining behavior in the region of FRCI. For the speaker, local people and especially the FPI should be expected with the advent to power in Ouattara backlash. They who, according Sidiki Konate, have battered many northerners who they would have torn land and other property belonging to religious, ethnic and political during the ten years spent Gbagbo as head of the Ivory Coast. Given the failure of the ceremony known as reconciliation, shunned by the indigenous people, Sidiki Konate launched the RHDP not forcing anyone to go to reconciliation. "We too have suffered too much when we were at the Hotel du Golf. We had no food. In any case, remember that Alassane Ouattara is still the President of Côte d'Ivoire", he has suggested .      Ibo Cheick Ouma

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