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Bouna torture: the French legislature challenged Paris,

Paris, July 7, 2011
Ladies and gentlemen, an offshoot of the sovereign people,
There are a few weeks, we have warned about the need to set up a parliamentary commission of inquiry, to inform the actions of French Licorne in Côte d'Ivoire. With two exceptions, national representation has remained silent. We will reply this time to inform you which treatments are being obnoxious former Ivorian officials and a French national.
We find that the legislature, leaving its prerogatives, closes his eyes against the colonial French government. Your silence, coupled with government disinformation campaigns and media, calls into question the democratic principles governing the exercise of executive power framing your work. Every passing day undermines the legitimacy and sincerity of the action of France in what in all likelihood, many politicians believe, not as a former colony but as a preserve.
The purpose of the action expected of our government was to allow the installation of the winning candidate of the électionprésidentielle under Ivorian law, not under international law. This would have to remove any suspicion against a neo-colonial intervention evoking and expansionist policies of Western powers.
We will not insult you to rewrite this what we all know. There was no question of installing democracy in Côte d'Ivoire, but the protection "of interest" French and others.
Alassane Ouattara, who is fortunate to have been in power thanks to France and UNOCI, is not a defender of the rule of law and individual freedoms.
Not content to see his militia suspected of war crimes or crimes against humanity (see the Amnesty International report dated 24 May), he maintains, without legal justification and in conditions that violate international laws governing people's rights, citizens on the grounds that they are close associates of Mr Gbagbo. We quote Mr. Pascal Affi N'Guessan, former Prime Minister of Côte d'Ivoire, held with his comrades in misfortune in the Prison policy Bouna.
The images we offer you are particularly unsustainable. We draw your attention to a point. In this video is clearly identifiable a French national, Mr Gbagbo Michel.
Is it conceivable that national representation is not a reaction to the sight of the abuse he suffers?Another issue solemn deprives his name there of diplomatic protection of the French state?If so, our positive law would he endorsed a new distinction among French citizens? We found, despite our research, no trace of such a legal change ...
It is time for the National Representation take responsibility and urges all appropriate measures to stop the repeated attacks on the physical integrity and dignity of a French citizen, who, like all litigants, let alone presumed innocent, should enjoy all the guarantees afforded by French law and international standards.
It is time for the National Representation commits actions in its power to contact and bring back to reason that our military leaders was installed at the head of the Ivorian state. Last Tuesday the Tribunal to the armies of Paris has agreed to hear a complaint. This made it more than seven years of Rwandan refugees fleeing the massacres during the genocide of 1994, ended up being alleged rape victims, because of the military contingent attached to set your phone Turquoise. Y-Would there be a fatality or a tradition that would condemn France to be synonymous with treason and violation of human rights in Africa?
The image of our country has been severely dented due to wars in African countries sovereign guerresreflétant the right of the box and barely disguised imperialism. It may be appropriate, through a actionénergique with the Ivorian authorities, to promote the standards of law and respect for human dignity, interrelated standards for the proper functioning of a true democracy. This action contributes Ivorian political prisoners égalementà the unconditional release of our compatriot Michel Gbagbo. This would reassure the French citizens and African peoples, as to the commitment of France to the principles of law that it likes to promote ...
We reiterate, at the same time, our request to the formation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry on the French military intervention in Ivory Coast. The previous Rwandan given under the spotlight by the Tribunal's decision this week to armies, demonstrates the need to remove any ambiguity from now on French action in Ivory Coast. Dominique Paille had to know, through the experience of a relative of the undemocratic methods of our allies in circumstances. It is an example, the dead certainly évocateurque Ivorian anonymous. Accordingly, the caractèreimpératif any action that is washing the French military's suspicion of "collaboration" with the militias Ouattara (who have nothing republican) is required.
It is imperative to avoid the army, and by extension the French state, to meet, for the second time in less than twenty years on the dock alongside régimessoupçonnés practice of massacres (ethnic and opponents). We wish not to remain indifferent to the sight of violations of human dignity and gross violations of international instruments providing for the protection of human rights. Here is the link to access it (# at = 202), good luck ...
While waiting for your answer
Respectfully, For Alternatives and Consistency
Ahouansou Séyivé

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