Saturday, 9 July 2011

:Mlitary,police , gendarmerie, customs officers still without pay ,

June: police, military, Customs still without pay police officers, gendarmerie, customs, and the Ivorian military should complete the formalities to collect their salaries for the month of June
police officer without pay

You have written about the officials and state officials of the National Assembly. You forgot to mention that the other trades, including the police, gendarmes, customs and military have not yet received their wages. "
This is the telephone conversation we had yesterday with a party at 9:43. That it is as an agent of the National Police informed us that since the end of the month, their salaries for the month of June has not yet been transferred to date (last Wednesday, July 6) by the new authorities of the country .
He explains that, unlike other years, that is to say the days of President of the Republic, Laurent Gbagbo, their wages were fired between 20 and 22 of each month.
"Usually, our salaries are transferred before the others. But since we are waiting, "he said. To verify this information, we have included several sources at the police, gendarmerie, customs and the military. All these sources have confirmed this information. "It's true what you said. We have been waiting but nothing. We went our different banks, but nothing, "said a police lieutenant based at police headquarters in Abidjan.
And a Staff Sergeant in service in that prefecture to add on the other hand they require that the hierarchy as in all units, a certificate of attendance. It must be duly signed and dated by the Head of the body. Apart from these papers, it is required to staff to photocopy their business card and ID card to go and then drop them to the public treasury. Here again the calvary officers should not be terminated. they must wait for a later date in order to receive their pay, the officer added. In any case, they do not understand this gym.
They think the state of Ivory Coast is now the infantilize. "Our treatment we do not like. Last month (late May), we have been paid out to hand in our barracks. For this month we are asked to provide other documents before being paid. It's all ridiculous, "they say. Higher Command of the Gendarmerie, the same phrase has been repeated by a senior officer. At Ivorian Customs agents have told us that their situation would be rectified from next week. "Our leaders told us that it is from next week we will be paid," said one officer of the Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs Ivorian Customs. It must be remembered that at the end of May, on the instructions of the Prime Minister, Guillaume Soro, also defense minister, military, gendarmes, police and other elements of the Republican Forces of Côte d'Ivoire (FRCI) new name for the new army, were paid in their units. This, to check for all items in their units. Because, according to the military, some agents are just their pay and then disappear into the wild. In any case, the officers encountered the view that such treatment is not to their liking. They are asking the authorities to expedite the procedure. History for them to meet their commitments.

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