Saturday, 9 July 2011

Three months or so, after the putsch by called international community in Ivory Coast

Three months or so, after  the so called international community through the French et UN troops imposed Ouattara by a putsch he is already showing signs of slowing, a power used by time.
On Wednesday, he acknowledged at the presidential palace in front of his ministers. "Nothing will," he confessed. Despite the racket then served daily by the press propaganda, the reality is different. Ivory Coast heading straight into the wall. So much so that Ouattara is finally forced to sit at the table ... because since April 11, everything changed in the lives of Ivorians, with plunging living standards over and more.
The truth catches up and the campaign promises of the champion of France. It was nothing more than the flashy, and no more. "My job is to seek the money. I know where to find money to solve the problems of Ivorians," said Ouattara constantly at its various outlets.
Obviously, such a speech former senior IMF officials can only dazzle his followers. This is also the objective in this approach. In the ranks of the RDR, we got drunk then speech Ouattara giving often messianic dimension. "I found the economies of several countries in trouble," he announced proudly to help lure the company.
In 1992, he had all the cards in hand, but he could not raise the level of the Ivorian economy. And as a story that is repeated in almost the same conditions, Ouattara is grappling with the realities of power after its touted "solutions".
Ultimately, it gives the impression of not knowing where the money is. The point of attack the meager achievements of the reign worker Ivorian Gbagbo.
At the last G8 summit, we saw how the rank like everyone else. What surprised moreover Ivorians waiting to see the world rush to the gates of the Ivory Coast to pour billions. Ouattara has been in the end, despite the promises very embarrassing zeal of his friend Sarkozy. And to save his face, his press spoke of 13 trillion for the Ivory Coast. A scoop completely false that comes straight from the rumor of Abobo.
The West would do well to Ouattara, it was not for Portugal and Greece, in crisis. Having himself felt the enormity of the announcement, he found himself compelled to lie in the press. Now at an impasse, the power of the Ivorian attacks revenues already emaciated by years of crisis. Armed men are the first to suffer cuts in their salaries. Some other state bodies will follow. What Gbagbo has not been a divided country.
The Minister of Economy, Diby Koffi who pays the gratitude of Gbagbo in funny money can testify. It was simply because he was brilliant with competent staff. All in all, he answered the call of the price he received. Do we not say that each price to its price. Clearly, the worst is to come for the Ivorians. And the threats are real wage of civil servants. For many will assume that delete them transferred power Gbagbo, very sensitive to the problems of the people.
We remember well that in 1992, Ouattara, Prime Minister with all the powers have not been able to leave the Ivory Coast in crisis. He found better than reducing the salaries of civil servants. He announced a remake of the plan. Moreover, during the election campaign, he had already warned the Ivorians by this phrase, "I will implement my plan of 1992." All the rest is history ... a pale copy of the NOT without a social face.
Since April, the farmers face enormous difficulties in selling their products. Cocoa is bought at low prices, making the peasantry the fifth wheel of the cart. They thank you to the multinationals that govern today's market coffee and cocoa. Moreover, the handsome son Nouvian throne does he not at the head of a multinational company in the city of San Pedro? Everything is therefore easy to understand.
Solutions Ouattara also stop there or facing security problems. Point to some disillusioned fanatics. Côte d'Ivoire, there are no laws, because more police, gendarmerie and justice. It is the law of FRCI that Ouattara was coming with the help of France. "They do not respect anything. They do what they want when they know nothing about the law. It is difficult to work with them, "shouts a police commissioner who is having all the trouble in the world with them.
And the UN usually so quick to publish indices of security under Gbagbo has suddenly lost its Latin. Nothing. Choi prefers to keep a low profile against the chaos he created in Côte d'Ivoire. Abidjan has become a jungle where no rule that the law of arms. A mere notice and you are beaten if you're lucky. Otherwise, you make an appointment with death. French entrepreneurs who are still refugees in the 43rd Bima know something.

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