Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Who should we complain to when the UN makes grave violations of human right ?

The UN made grave violations of its own resolutions more than once in the Ivorian's crisis but there's not a single institution to condemn et sanction on the contrary the Ivorian are getting the blame. Lets analyse the sanctions in resolution 1975 which happen to be the same resolution used to falsely equate Zionism to racism. We should not be surprised the same lies are used here to condemn Ivory Coast . The main issue in the conflict in Ivory Coast is been always pushed aside because not a single institution is ready to face the truth. The truth is that the some called international community is limited to France the US and EU countries which have no say since the depend on France and UK. It not a secret to anyone who knows Ivory Coast that France is not impartial in any conflict in that country yet with all that awareness France has the most important troop of the impartial forces that the first violation.To make even clearer the French government was directly involved in the fraudulent election results which led to Mr Choi false certification and the conflict.The French government in many occasions expressed it's choice in the dispute long before the resolution yet the UN after receiving successive complaints as we notice from many representatives comments maintained France within the impartial forces. This position from the French was demonstrated in 2004 when the French troops fire on civilians with no condemnation or sanctions here again the Ivorians were rather sanctioned if that's not racism tell me what is it ? This cannot be a mistake it's a well planned decision. Now coming back to the main issue which is to respect the will of the people and the election it's very strange that all over the world whenever election results are contested there's ballot recounting as there were in Afghanistan, Haiti etc yet in Ivory Coast people wants us to accept a result which we disput just because Choi and Ban ki moon said it won be fair to one candidate. Is the election really about the will of the people of the feeling and will of a candidate as well as his support. We are not going to demonstrate here that Alassane is backed by UN since the IMF and the UN are the same organ one being the political and military(UN) arm and the other one the financial (IMF) of the new world order means to establish the global government. All we're going to do here is to expose to you that not only this resolution on Ivory Coast is absurd but it has been violated by the French and UN troops probably because its adoption was baseless its application could not be any better, So then the result of the election was contested but not a single institution whether UN, EU, AU and so on ever tried to go through the claims of frauds....everybody is talking about accepting a results without giving any proof of the result....is this normal for a conflict resolution ? No it;s rather suspicious....Ban Ki moon, the EU as well as the French and the US embassies were not at their first involvement in a election frauds and results contesting. In Afghanistan after many months of denial the UN admitted almost year after that there was indeed mass frauds. In fact they were directly involved in the frauds. Now after that serious incident I don't know why no investigations are made on Ban ki moon and his representatives . In Ivory Coast the same plot was made with the same frauds coalition UN, EU,and the US and French embassies again. The only way to solve this conflict is to go back to the issue rather than going in circle, wh won the election not who is recognised by the so called international community. And the only way to find out who really won is to recount as it done in others countries. Lets count the vote is much more easier , wiser, than accusing someone without proof just of the word of Choi who lied more than once to the world about Ivory Coast....if it lied for the helicopters why not for the elections results and if he did not lie why he is refusing to recount ? The French and the UN force fought beside the rebels forces , the destroyed the FDS weapon whether heavies or not, they fired at civilians who were pro Gbagbo, attacked the presidential palace with missiles and bombs etc all that in violation of the resolution. The Resolution its self being base on lies it's more than grave since thousands of lives have been lost based on lies. During the Iraq invasion by the US the world protested against illegal war ...In Ivory Coast they are bunch of blacks their lives are not important so no one really won;t make a proper investigation on the claims of frauds. To be continued...


Security Council Demands End to Violence in Cote d’Ivoire, Imposing Sanctions against Former President and Urging Him to ‘Step Aside’, in Resolution 1975

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