Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Ivory Coast The UN and France are everything excepted impartial and neutral...please get them out....

    • Ivory Coast The UN and France are everything but impartial and neutral...please get them out....
      Saturday, April 23, 2011

      Hotel Pergola, unlike the golf's hotel had become a haven for the authorities close to President Gbagbo fleeing reprisals from supporters of Ouattara camp. This place is normally assumed to be under the protection of UNOCI peacekeepers and the French Licorne force.

      It was with this policy holding that several personalities of the FPI, including the chairman of the party Mr Affi N'Guessan found refuge in this hotel.

      But yesterday, these leaders realized that this was a decoy.
      In trying to hold a press conference before the foreign media to denounce what is happening against the Ivory Coast and his political party activists, Mr Affi N'Guessan learned at his expenses that Pergola is rather under Ouattara's men control . The few UNOCI troops on the scene, receive their orders from the Golf Hotel, headquarters of the camp ouattara.

      these dignitaries had their phones confiscated. They are not entitled to visits.

      Evidence that its leaders are fallen into a trap, it was the UNOCI troops and rebel forces in the camp Ouattara that prevented the press conference of President Affi and dragged him to the Ouattara "concentration camp" , which is none other than golf hôtel .
    • Patrick Cohen
      He wanted to speak to the press for giving notice of the party of President Laurent Gbagbo on points of political news, but Pascal Affi N'Guessan conference was cut short.

      Ouattara soldiers were mistakenly invited to stop everything, confiscate equipment work of the media guests before forcibly driving the chairman of the FPI at the Golf Hotel.

      The Pergola where people and executives close to President Gbagbo hunted by Ouattara rebel found refuge, was the theatre tonight of a grotesque scene.While President of the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI) party of President Laurent Gbagbo arrested by French special forces was preparing to speak to the media invited to attend a press conference, the military FRCI Alassane Ouattara burst into the room to put everything upside down, confiscating equipment working journalists of RFI and France 24 present before forcibly driving the speaker at the Golf Hotel.

      What can explain such a muscular descent from Ouattara men? Chairman of the FPI would not have obtained the permission of the owner of the Golf Hotel before speaking to the media, is their intervention justify ? UN forces with responsibility for the protection of places remained as marble before this scene of gratuitous violence. And the protection that individuals are supposed to enjoy in this place that brings back the harsh reality of the prison the Golf where some close to Gbagbo are burning .

      Ouattara version of democracy installed with bombs by Sarkozy and Banki Moon uncovers its true face. Opponents who are hiding, fleeing the barbarism, the press close to President Gbagbo muzzled, interventions before the media on authorization.

      Ouattara has not been a month at "head" the Ivory Coast and he is already confirming what Gaëtan Gorce of the French Socialist Party claimed "before the determination of Sarkozy to install him by all means "" The France should not expect to require that light be shed on the events that caused civilian casualties and to distance itself from Mr. Ouattara, whose risk is to understand too late that it is scarcely more frequentable than his predecessor. "


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