Tuesday, 26 April 2011

What the UN doesn't want the world to know///

In the interview published yesterday by The Times (Source: afrohistorama.over-blog.com) and answering a journalist's question during a briefing Jan. 18, 2011, before the international press, represented by the following bodies: Top Radio News Service, National Press, The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, BBC, Mr. Young-Jin Choi, Special Representative of the Secretary General of the UN in Côte d'Ivoire, UNOCI boss says this: "After checking UNOCI, only 10% of ballots were not signed by representatives of the Gbagbo camp and that this represents 1% of voters and therefore has no effect on the final result giving Mr. Alassane Ouattara winner. " Decrypt these remarks with regard to the electoral code and practical parameters for organizing the second round of the presidential election on November 28, 2011. Nowhere does the Election Code provides for the signature of the ballot papers by candidates' representatives. In contrast, the Electoral Code in its article 39 provides: "The counting takes place immediately after the polls close in the polling. The voting and announcement of the results are recorded in the minutes of counting. The minutes of the examination shall be written in as many copies as necessary in the voting room and signed by the members of the office. They include comments and complaints from representatives of candidates and are paid to voting records to be transmitted to the competent courts of the elections. The announcement of the results of each polling station is made by the President before the voters present. Special arrangements for each election shall determine the procedures for counting of votes and proclamation of final results. " Clearly, they are counting the minutes (PV) to be signed by members of the polling station. Article 35 specifies the quality of these members: "Each precinct has a chairman, two representatives of each candidate or list of candidates and two secretaries. The members of the polling station must be registered on the electoral roll of the constituency. The chairman is appointed by the Commission on Elections. .. "In total, therefore notes that it is the PV to be signed by the representatives of candidates. Partial conclusion: it is likely that Mr. CHOI talking about minutes of counting (PV) of the polling station and not "ballots." Therefore, based on the estimated PV unsigned by the representatives of the candidate Gbagbo, who according to Mr. Choi is 10%, we can easily calculate what are 2000 PV corresponding to 2000 polling stations which have not been signed. Recall in this connection that there were 20 000 Polling stations for all voters in the presidential election of 28 November 2010. How many voters are they? Under Article 21 of the Electoral Act, "Every poll has a maximum of six hundred voters. By a simple calculation, we can say that this is an electorate of 600,000 to 120.0000 voters most. CHOI can reasonably say that a fraud involving a minimum of 600,000 voters did not influence the results? This is equivalent to the word bottom 10% of the electorate and not 1% as found by Mr. Choi. The time has come to recognize that the basis for the certification was false and CHOI and as already stated aloud the Angolan Head of State, "CHOI has deceived the whole world!" Laurent Gbagbo has indeed won the election of 28 November and Mr CHOI, influenced by clan Ouattara as he acknowledges, and surely driven by ambassadors of the Brotherhood anti-Gbagbo has just done wrong

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