Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A coup for oil and cocoa

Radio-Canada aired the news of the alleged massacre of at least five times, including four times after March 5, when I sent the reporter Sophie Langlois compelling evidence that this was a bet stage. A web page showing the killing of seven women as fact is still online at the site of Radio-Canada.

Worse yet, the CBC tried to cover the additional lie with a lie. It sent the reporter Sophie Langlois in Abidjan and asked to interview on camera one of the accomplices of the pro-Ouattara staged as if it was a means to prove the truth of the massacre. During her trip, Ms. Lee was quick to interview several alleged victims of pro-Ouattara SDS. It brought back a lot of gossip, but presented in its reports, no conclusive evidence to support the charges against Laurent Gbagbo. Conversely, during the week when she was in Côte d'Ivoire, Ms. Lee has met with virtually no casualties killers Ouattara, despite the assistance which was provided by me and Ivorians to allow Quebec to meet these people and see their injuries on site.

On 12 March, I complained to the Ombudsman, Ms Julie Miville-Dechêne, cons behavior on Radio-Canada post-election crisis in Ivory Coast and in particular against the participation of Radio-Canada's UN psychological operation 3 March 2011. The stakes are much too large, it is clear that the CBC does not admit guilt and will do anything to either deny or minimize his lies. This will be the final proof is no longer appropriate to speak of a "conspiracy theory", but a conspiracy fact.

Ivorians in Quebec and their families in Côte d'Ivoire has suffered immeasurable losses due to the economic and military aggression that their country has suffered, I think they would want to consider legal action against CBC. Not the destruction of Côte d'Ivoire would have been possible without the massive disinformation campaign orchestrated by the media in the service of big capital, which consists of propaganda to completely reverse the roles has certainly influenced politicians in Quebec and Canada in their position relation to Côte d'Ivoire. Not people of good will, whether members or ordinary citizens, would have endorsed the moral, human and financial support provided by Stephen Harper and Jean Charest terrorist Alassane Ouattara had they known the truth. And it is certain that Sarkozy publicly dissociate themselves from people like Amir Khadir, Gilles Duceppe and Pauline Marois could have launched a movement of awareness. Their response might be a grain of sand in the vicious circle. But for that, they would have to be honestly informed, which was clearly not the case.

A coup for oil

Alassane Ouattara was awarded the "extirpation" he wanted, but it is far from being "surgical" and without pain. His coup was successful not because of the rebels, but thanks to the French army and the UN mercenaries. The final phase of the quest for power by Mr Ouattara ended in a hail of bombs, shells and missiles French, neutralizing the Ivorian security forces, the release of hundreds of criminals in Abidjan, incessant looting, millions displaced, millions of people trapped in their homes, without food for several days, thousands of dead and wounded among civilians and the destruction of public administration.

Ivorian Ministry offices were ransacked as well as the residence of the Head of State and National Assembly. The political and judicial institutions are ineffective. The former head of state was arrested and humiliated as well as all his supporters. He is being held along with his wife since April 11, 2011, without any specific charges being laid against them. The military and the politicians who did not support Mr Ouattara have a choice between allegiance forced exile or persecution or torture and disposal. Even when they are not armed, young men considered supporters of Laurent Gbagbo are undressed, taken prisoner, detained in appalling conditions, tortured, used as human shields and sometimes executed, under the pretext that they are "militia" . Terrorists illiterate Ouattara will claim soon jobs dignitaries, luxurious houses for their families and limousines. They will install a regime more corrupt. The country may be virtually ungovernable without strong enforcement. That is the democracy imposed by the servants of the great French and UN Western capital, Nicolas Sarkozy in the lead, with the blessing of the "international community".

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