Wednesday, 27 April 2011

From naivety to complicity

From naivety to complicity (3)
If the misinformation is responsible for the apathy of the average citizen, why is it still the most politicized of us let it go that way? fabrications of Falsehood they are trying to implant in our brain are of obvious rudeness. And we did make thid one dozens of times before, each war or Imperial operation supposed "peacekeeping". How can we be fooled by the same lies? How can we believe that propaganda is only conjugated in the past tense in history textbooks? How do we, Quebecers, can imagine that there is misinformation only when we are its victims? We denounce the Quebec bashing or concealment of French setbacks, but at the same time, we believe uncritically what the media tell us about the imperial wars.

To hear many people supposedly intelligent, Obama, Sarkozy, Harper and their pawns UN liars, who hold the "international community" on a leash, suddenly have a great passion for democracy in Africa. From Gabon to Tunisia via Rwanda, they maintain relationships long since quite cordial with dictators who sometimes "cling to power" for decades, sometimes commit mass killings. We know why such friendships are cultivated: natural resources and profits. What else have we already gone to war for? Name me one case where Western troops have defended moral greatness of soul. One case where our soldiers fought for justice and peace. One case where we did not systematically lied to the people providing the cannon fodder to justify the war. There are none. Never mind, all around me, Quebecers are willing to believe that in Côte d'Ivoire, the machine was to drop bombs mutated sweet fairy came to bring democracy to a shot gun stars.

immeasurable is human suffering caused by false vigilantes who always have to put down an ugly somewhere and managed to keep their good image through their total control over the media. The villains are often in Africa, but not only there.Consider the martyred Afghanistan since 2001, where corruption and drug trafficking are prevalent. What progress! What a great humanitarian work! Had to break the shit out bin Laden. There are still reds to break somewhere. Especially where there are bad customers. And this breaking of reds left in the wake of the tragedies that persist.

In 1999, NATO dropped thousands of tons of bombs on Yugoslavia for 78 days. While we boast of a clean war with surgical strikes, hospitals and schools are affected, as would be the case in Iraq, four years later. But these tragedies are hidden at Radio-Canada and elsewhere, as always. The petrochemical complex in the town of Pancevo was destroyed by the strikes, causing leaks and toxic contamination. Today, hospitals are full of Pancevo cancer. The disabled are legion. Children with asthma. The graveyards are full of dead people to forty or fifty years.

NATO said that the bombings were intended to prevent a humanitarian disaster in Kosovo. Had once again broken the jaws of a villain: Milosevic. However, residents of Pancevo still wonder what connection there was between that objective and factories in their town. In fact, as always, democracy and protection of the weak had nothing to do the destructive work of the masters of the world. It was about putting in power a false independentist movement formed by the underworld of Kosovo Hashim Thaci, who was in the trafficking of organs and reigns today on white slavery in Europe. It was also to establish a NATO base in Kosovo, the cradle of Serbia. That is why they attacked the Serbs, they were killed in invoking false mass graves and dismembered their country.

How many more times will we swallow all the snakes that media under orders prepares us every day? How many tragedies caused by self-appointed guardians of peace will take place so that we stop acting as if the CBC to this world had no role in relaying the lies and we put ideas in our head ? It is a moment when the naivete, intellectual laziness and the I care less become complicity.

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