Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Tyranny and its lies

The chaos and terror created by the UN and France, who said they wanted to protect civilians, prevail throughout the Ivorian territory. There would be two million displaced. People hide in plantations or in their home town. They lack food. Drug addicts and thugs hired by Ouattara soulless killing, looting, raping and rampaging. Corpses litter the streets. ONUCI, UN force in Cote d'Ivoire, with draws his guns on civilians in the vast Yopougon in the heart of Abidjan. Unarmed young men are systematically "arrested" under the pretext that they are militiamen. If they resist, they are killed. The peacekeepers remain quietly in their barracks, Duékoué, while only three miles from their camp, dozos bloody massacre over eight-hundred innocent civilians in two days, the cries of horror. But suddenly, Radio-Canada has more important things to tell us that we speak of the tragedy caused by the so-called "international community", like the CBC occult constantly Machiavellian role of the so-called " international community"in the Haitian drama.

Today I want my fellow Quebecers be aware of a festering scandal and the evil nature of those who are to blame. The Island of Anticosti Oil or the Gulf of Guinea oil and gas shale of the St. Laurent Valley or Ivorian cocoa: even the same greed and contempt for humanity. I will not rest until Quebecers take to the streets with Africa and other nations battered demand justice. I will not rest until every people realize he is not alone and cease to believe what the liars in the service of plutocracy tell about other people. Ivorians, Haitians, Serbians, Congolese, Afghans, Iraqis, palestinian, Cuban, French, Americans and Quebeckers should stop seeing each other through the filter of mainstream media and have to talk directly. When the neighbor's house burns, you may well pretend the problem does not concern us, but one day may come when it will be ours to be on fire. There's no futur for humanity but in solidarity. To be continued.....

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