Tuesday, 26 April 2011

internationally approved dictatorship in Ivory Coast

URGENT: Regarding the statement by Mr. Pascal Affi N'Guessan
It is by no means a rally or any form of allegiance, he was arrested by French soldiers and handed over to rebelles.Il was forced to make this statement to save the lives of all employees of the President Gbagbo and their families, because the rebels threatened to killed them all and their families if they opposed it.
It could better take refuge with him because he had many collaborators and ministers such as Daniel Boni Claverie, and other ministers.
Remember that it is the same for all the others that we thought they had pledged allegiance to the rebellion, as the generals Mangou Ksarat, Kouakou Nicolas and others, and Mr. Laurent Dona Fologo, Attorney Tia Kone and SEM Mr Youssouf Koné.
It is important to know that all those at the Golf Hotel have been generally adopted by French soldiers and force strength to make statements to save their lives and those of their families and staff.

SOURCE: Yves Dicarlo, he just had Affi N'Guessan's daughter in the hexagone who 

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