Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The reality masked by the Western media in Côte d'Ivoire

The reality masked by the Western media in Côte d'Ivoire (4)

The arguments made by the Western media about the current crisis in Côte d'Ivoire, held outright delirium pathological liar. Journalists under orders make their audience swallow nonsense by repeating false mantras, in accrediting the words of terrorists and assassins, the lies of carrying humanitarian pledges and relegating at the second degree certain fundamental truths.

From the beginning of the post-election crisis, Laurent Gbagbo has called for an international committee simply recount the votes to settle the litigation, which is similar to many situations encountered in other countries including the United States to 2000 presidential election. Alassane Ouattara has countered that it should not be recounted, that Gbagbo had to leave and that if he refused to leave, he had to be uprooted from his chair militarily. So he that Sarkozy called a dictator has called for impartial mediation, while one who should be the true democrat, "recognized by the international community," said he had to wage the civil war, knowing full well that only the extirpation would be realized at the cost of many lives and could not be a"surgical" operation .

Ouattara Calls to the war is not surprising when one considers that he and his French sponsors have to pay the big money to began to dislodge by force Gbagbo in September 2002 in a coup attempt which was followed by bloody civil war which we have just seen the latest tragic episode and whose record now stands at probably close to twenty thousand dead and tens of thousands wounded. The rebels who attacked the Ivory Coast's civil war began and have always acted on behalf of Alassane Ouattara and behaved so bloody manners capturing police in their homes, torturing and executing them in the public square, sometimes gunshot, sometimes turning them into human torches, or by other methods.

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