Wednesday, 27 April 2011

"UNOCIHOOD" in Ivory Coast IS the new Hollywood's competitor after Pallyhood

One of the "psychological operations" the most publicized of the UN against Gbagbo occurred March 3, 2011. Some supporters of Alassane Ouattara staged staged coarse where "six to eight women" were allegedly massacred by the Ivorian Defence and Security Forces (FDS) . Alain Le Roy, deputy secretary general at the Department of Peacekeeping Operations of the UN peacekeeping, said that women had officially been slaughtered "with heavy machine guns of 12.7. The AFP report relaying the lie of Mr. Le Roy was immediately echoed by dozens, even hundreds of major media. Large chains diffused several European television reports (which look like) that incorporated selected excerpts of the video amateur actors pro-Ouattara.

However, in the amateur video (but not in extracts broadcast by the media), we see suddenly, among other peculiarities, one women allegedly murdered miraculously back to life and being told by the cameraman to lie down again. It runs immediately, taking care to put her own arm to hide his face. In addition, you can clearly hear the shots, three in number, are simply fired warning shots and are caused by young men voluntarily advancing toward the armored FDS. Clearly no machine gun fire. Here is an analysis of uplifting the staging and a report of the RTI denouncing, while stressing that the Western media are not at their first lie.

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