Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The big lie initial

The pretext of France and the UN to destroy the ammunition and Ivorian armor ? The weapons in question had threatened civilians. Now, what could be said aren't Ouattara and his assassins who keep wanting to hide their crimes by outright lies, never the Ivorian Defense Security and Forces have fired on civilians. It took the UN liars getting involved to overcome the total lack of basis for prosecution of war crimes against Laurent Gbagbo.

The big lie initial

The crisis deliberately provoked by the UN in Côte d'Ivoire has been triggered by an initial lie, that is to say, the lie of the election victory of Alassane Ouattara. Neither Ouattara, nor the UN have agreed that we count the votes, as was constantly asked Laurent Gbagbo, and this for an obvious reason: an unbiased review of what happened in the second round have clearly demonstrated the falsehood and have demonstrated the victory of Laurent Gbagbo.

Given the enormous pressure on Gbagbo, the election has taken place even though the rebels had not disarmed as agreed in the peace agreements. (After the fireworks of the destruction of weapons of Ivorian forces in a few days, it is clear now that France and the UN would have had ample means to disarm the rebels over three years if they had wanted .) The first round held October 31, 2010 and the second on November 28. Laurent Gbagbo is the first on October 31 with 38% of the vote, against 32% for Alassane Ouattara and Henri Konan 25% Bedie.

In the first round, Young-Jin Choi, the representative of Ban Ki-moon in Côte d'Ivoire, is awaiting the announcement by the Constitutional Council to certify on behalf of the UN, that the election was held in compliance rules. The second round will cause a mess. Mr. Choi will not wait for the proclamation of the Constitutional Council and shall certify the result rather fictitious given by the president of the Independent Electoral Commission.

Members of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) could not agree, because of major irregularities tainting the results in the area occupied by the rebels (NOC area). After three days, the period of the IEC has expired and it must refer the case to the Constitutional Council, as required by the Electoral Code of the Ivory Coast. But after the deadline, December 2, coup de theater, the chairman of the IEC, Youssouf Bakayoko, went to the headquarters of Alassane Ouattara to be announce the victory of the latter.

Mr. Bakoyoko is taken to the headquarters of Mr. Ouattara by the ambassadors of the United States and France. It is accompanied by no other member of the IEC. Only foreign journalists were present for the announcement. Ivorian journalists were not there. Is it normal that the Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec arrives in a RCMP car at campaign headquarters of the Quebec Liberal Party, to announce the outcome of the next general election in Quebec, without regard to the prerogatives of the Chief Electoral Officer, only the presence of journalists from The Globe and Mail, the Ottawa Citizen and Calgary Herald?

Without waiting for the official proclamation of results by the Constitutional Council, which alone is authorized to do so under the Constitution of Côte d'Ivoire, Choi Young-Jin certify the results announced by Youssouf Bakayoko. According to Choi, many agents of UNOCI had been deployed throughout the country to report on the conduct of the poll. They found that the election was held in good conditions and that if there were irregularities, they are minor and do not justify questioning the result. That is the big lie fabricated by the United Nations that is responsible for post-election crisis in Côte d'Ivoire.

The Constitutional Council, the highest judicial authority in the country, as the Supreme Court in Canada is not the same opinion as Mr. Choi. He and many other observers note widespread fraud and violence in areas under rebel control are still armed. N'dré yao, chairman of the Constitutional Council announced the decision of the latter. Laurent Gbagbo won the presidential election. The final result is as follows:

Laurent Gbagbo: 51.45%

Alassane Ouattara: 48.55%

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