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Fake UN report on pro-Gbagbo: The whole truth revealed about the sms


Ouattara regime and press close to him believe holding the right end in the search for so-called destabilizer that would be pro-Gbagbo. In its edition yesterday, The Patriot(Ouattara's press) newspaper published a sample of a  controversial report  produced by UN experts. Which refers toA dozen phone messages (SMS) from people that the UN report presents as exiled pro-Gbagbo  in a compaign that would destabilize the country. Of the ten sms, nine  are sent to the person with the following telephone number: 40 00 79 45.  A Call from us on this number revealed that it is the contact of a man of media. In this case Séhoué Germain, a journalist at he daily Le Temps  also writer and author of the investigative book entitled "The invisible commander ."Joined on the phone yesterday, Germain Séhoué argued that these sms in question are not from pro-Gbagbo in exile. But pro-Ouattara fighters who led the fight to Alassane Ouattara in the Abobo district during the post-election crisis. The colleague says to write his book "The invisible commander ," he got in touch with these former rebels who fought  in Abobo on behalf of  Alassane Ouattara. The reporter indicates that these sms from a certain "Colonel" Sékouba who provided all the revelations that were used to write his book. "I am a journalist and writer. From my book is in bookstores around the world, I have developed deep relationships with those who gave me the information that I have dealt with in my book. This is not a pro-Gbagbo. This is a pro-Ouattara. In addition, I am a journalist and I do not recognize myself in the charges of destabilization of my country. My struggle is to write, to criticize and to raise awareness and not to destabilize my country, "he said. Strangely, nowhere you can see the contact's phone  of the sms sender with whom the alleged pro-Gbagbo would, as supports this famous report, break the current regime. Why this report  ignored the phone number of the sms sender . This is also where are all the weaknesses of the document produced by the UN.
Source :Benjamin Koré in Notre Voie


In one word  the UN report is nothing but  the same lies on which the
resolution 1572 (2004) concerning Côte d’Ivoire S/2012/766 was born. Fabricated allegations which are amplified by the French at the UN security council and the reason is well known the control of the country's resources. France through its multinationals can use the most powerful corpocratic(corporate control of politic,government) international institution the UN to achieve its new  world order goal of global economical and energy control for one world government. This is not a conspiracy theory it is real and we are calling all real independents investigation journalists to come if ever you doubt anything said here. Come and witness for yourself and the world how these multinational corporates are in an occupation mission for a program of systematic extermination and genocide of the sovereign people of Ivory Coast. The program aims at the extinction, in terms of human beings and in terms of sociological and cultural entities of certain ethnic and political  groups in the  country. This program aims at the disappearance of the large Kroo ethnic group , that is to say, on the list of  the sixty ethnic groups that make up our national population as well as anyone who preach about sovereignty . And for good reason, since  in September 19, 2002, the two regions Cavally and Guémon record: over 30,000 Wê targeted and killed by the forces in a crusade against the old regime. Everyone remembers the 1308 people massacred in Duékoué Crossroads March 29, 2011, everyone remembers 230 killed July 20, 2012 at the sacking and burning of IDP camp of Nahibly, everyone remembers killings of Petit Duékoué and Djitrozon who made 141 dead.
All these figures are summations made by the Committee for the Protection of
Lands  from the counting and enumeration of the people themselves, family by family, village after village, neighborhood after neighborhood.Both regions have 15 villages completely destroyed in the department of Toulepleu, 3 in the department Bloléquin, 2 in the sub-prefecture of Tai district and neighborhood Guéré Toguéi in the city of Duékoué and 8 villages in the department of Duékoué and in neighboring countries, including Liberia, the two regions have more than 200,000 refugees out of a population of 750,000 people, or about 27%, this at the peak of the post-election crisis, that is to say, from March to June 2011; these people fled the massacres of the assault forces against the old regime, the two regions have immeasurable amount of property destroyed or looted, plantations destroyed or occupied by armed men; cultural values, including the mythical " gla" (commonly called masks) and "Koui" and other symbols desecrated, families scattered to the wind, thousands maimed for life, and the two regions have many heads of villages and neighborhoods, many elected officials, including the Mayor of Blolequin dismissed arbitrarily and forcibly replaced by unelected.
Cavally  and Guémon
regions become carrion at the merci of all the peoples of the sub-region, including Burkina Faso populations. Amadé Ouérémi and hundreds of armed militiamen in the national Parc of Mont Peko, Issiaka Tiendrébéogo in the Taï region, Jean Pierre Ouedraogo between Sub-prefectures and Diboké Tinhou the "Rougeot" in the forest of Goin Débé Sana Salifou in the forest of Scio, Issa Ouedraogo between departments and Bloléquin Toulepleu Kouanda Lassane Zagne in the area, all these warlords, with dozens and dozens of cars and buses from Burkina Faso, organize resettlement  in the  Cavally and Guémon areas abandoned by indigenous people fleeing abuses and killings, and that, with the help and protection of the FRCI and Dozo. Amadé Ouérémi and his lieutenants have said in August 2011, to a reporter from Fraternite Matin who stayed in the West in the context of a report on the killings of civilians in Duékoué and I quote: "We fought alongside new forces. As a reward, we are asked to work in the forests until the government rewards us. " (See Nouveau Courier No. 458 of Monday, March 5, 2012)The census of 1998,  had estimated foreign populations to about 37% in both regions Cavally and Guémon against 26% for the national average. Almost daily abuses by armed groups maintain an atmosphere of terror that deters indigenous displaced persons and refugees to return to their communities, their settlements and plantations.Today observers restocking movement of both regions consider the foreign population to nearly 75%. Zilébli village in the department of Bloléquin, where there are only five survivors  for 300 new inhabitants from Burkina Faso, is symptomatic.The people  of the Cavally and Guémon regions , does not understand the  authorities, whose first sovereign role is the security of its people, let foreign populations of unspeakable barbarism quietly invade and occupy a portion of its regions, worse the non protection  of the civilian population by the UN peacekeepers who according to the surviving witnesses were active in the Duékoué genocide. This  explain why they did not protect the refugees(who were survivors witnesses of the Duékoué genocide) in Nihably camps from being massacred since their testimonies would had exposed the crimes of the UN. This is more than serious when rather than protecting the population  and bringing peace the UN is actually a killing machine .
Amadé Ouremi, le tueur de la forêt classée du Mont Peko (Bangolo et Duekoué)

Here's Amadé Ouérémi with men receiving training from what seem to be an official US  weapon expert
C’est comme la découverte d’une nouvelle terre promise, d’un nouvel Eldorado.Selon des informations concordantes, presque tous les jours,arrivent du Burkina Faso,des convois de ressortissants Burkinabé.Et l’on signale des armes dans leurs bagages.Les étrangers installés déjà sur la terre des autochtones Wê et dans leurs forêts, font venir leurs nombreuses familles. Et l’affluence est telle qu’on a l’impression que le Burkina se vide. On sait que depuis la prise du pouvoir d’Etat par Alassane Dramane Ouattara, les Burkinabè donnent le sentiment d’avoir un homme sûr aux affaires en Côte d’Ivoire. Les métayers et autres ouvriers agricoles dans des champs ont chassé ou tué leurs patrons pour occuper leurs terres. Sur leurs propres terres, sur le patrimoine de leurs ancêtres, les populations sont de plus en plus des étrangers en insécurité. Depuis le Mont Pékô occupé par un bataillon de Burkinabè jusqu’aux forêts anonymes, ces immigrés font la loi face à une admiration Ouattara muette et inactive. Le Moyen Cavally et le Guemon sont deux régions de prédilection des arrivants du Burkina. Comment des populations peuvent-elles abandonner leurs terres, leur pays et envahir les terres d’autres peuples, sans s’imager que cette invasion peut créer d’immenses problèmes ? C’est le type de slogan injuste : «Vivre ensemble, uniquement chez les autres». Car si des Ivoiriens de l’Ouest ou d’autres régions du pays ne peuvent même pas envisager de se sédentariser au Nord de la Côte d’Ivoire et y mener des activités économiques et politiques, ce n’est pas au Burkina que les Ivoiriens vont occuper des terres des nationaux. Et donc ces gens exigent de vivre chez les autres, d’abuser de leur hospitalité et ne permettent pas que les autres en fassent autant chez eux. Conséquences : A l’Ouest, les autochtones et leurs descendants perdent de plus en plus leur patrimoine terrien. Ils ne sauront plus où aller, où vivre. Leurs enfants et petits enfants, qui ne sont pas à l’école ou n’ont pas réussi les études scolaires n’auront pas d’outil de production pour leur survie. Une situation à l’Ouest que les autorités négligent et que semble encourager le pouvoir en cherchant à légitimer l’expropriation des terres des paysans par de nouvelles lois sur le foncier est une bombe. A moins que cela soit leur objectif. Mais déjà l’insécurité naît de ces cohabitations. Il ne peut en être autrement lorsque les arrivants veulent arracher les terres à leurs propriétaires. Nous avons encore en mémoire des massacres de Guitrozon, Petit-Duékoué et Carrefour-Duékoué. A Bangolo se sont installés les Dozos sur un site donnant l’allure d’un camp militaire. Et ce sont les ex-rebelles issus de ces populations venues d’ailleurs, qui, en 2002, se distrayaient à parier sur le sexe de l’enfant que portait une femme enceinte et l’éventraient pour savoir qui avait gagné. Le passage d’Alassane Dramane Ouattara dans les régions en avril dernier n’a rien réglé. Au contraire. L’arrogance des Burkinabé s’est accrue. Et l’on apprend que l’attaque de Taï, juste après son départ de l’Ouest, serait liée aux conflits fonciers. L’Ouest, un bassin d’immigration en formation ? C’est le moins qu’on puisse dire. 

Germain Séhoué in Le Temps
Photo:Amadé ouérémi,le burkinabé commandant frci, maître du mont Péko
The Burkina Faso national Amadé Ouérémi with its militiamen trained by official US army experts reign by terror in the Western part of  Ivory Coast with the blessings and protection of his fellow countryman Ouattara imposed by force in a putsch by the UN/French troops. In the capital the French are sharing the same kind of expertise with the FRC(Ouattara's regular forces) who have been linked with all kind of Human rights violations, rapes, acts of torture, armed robberies and other abuses(kidnapping, massacres) in several locations as UNOCI spokesman, Kenneth Blackman, told reporters in Abidjan few months ago.

Here's below some proposal of the regarding their current situation
For peace, within an area that could be declared "disaster area" managed by an Authority or Commissioner, the people wishes
In the field of security• The total securitization  of Cavally and Guémon
regions disarming all who are not entitled to bear arms, bringing the Dozo in their geographical and cultural spheres, bringing the FRCI in military barracks• strict adherence to human rights,• the creation of gendarmerie in all the capitals of Sub-prefectures, platoons and companies in the capitals of Department and Squadrons in the capitals of regions,• Creation of Police Stations in the capitals of departments, police prefectures and republican security companies in the capitals of region;In the area of land• the effective application of the law to all the rural land, the Forest Code and the Law on parks and reserves,
• eviction of illegal occupants of all protected areas, including forest reserves, national parks and reserves,
• the restoration of village lands illegally occupied to the real owners• disarmament of all those who, without authorization or quality, hold firearms in forests owned by the state or village communities;In the field of justice• the creation of a commission of inquiry to the events of 2002 so far
• compensation for relatives of people who have suffered personal injury,• the psychological care of traumatized populations;
In the field of reconstruction• an emergency plan to rebuild infrastructure (networks of electricity and water, roads, bridges), villages, camps and settlements destroyed,• Rehabilitation and reconstruction of homes destroyedIn the field of reconciliation
reinstalling the village chiefs and village structures removed and re-establish their authority
the release of all prisoners and stop untimely arrests and abuses as a result of false accusations in camps, villages and neighborhoods,• the return of all displaced persons and all the exiles• the return of exiles and executives regularize their administrative and financial situation,
• not always equate young
Wê to militiamen,
• regulate the administrative and financial situation of unfairly dismissed workers, elected officials, including MP of the third term, senior military officials and agents of the State,• to provide both regions structures rehabilitation and employment and income-generating activities for both young people and women,• expand
prisoners whose detention  are linked to the events of the post-election crisis.

So what's the fate of the people of Ivory Coast ?

Like all peoples of our nation wishes to be protected  . No people of our nation shall disappear from the list of the sixty ethnic groups of our country. The people of Ivory Coast will not see its regions sacrificed to the interests of groups of mercenaries and barbarians from abroad, much less the interests of multinationals.The Wê  and the rest of Ivorian people shall not be extincted  by dilution in their own regions in a sea of people imported from elsewhere such as Burkina Faso and so on).
the structure to create,
and deepen will coordinate all actions of restoration and development of our Country strongly affected.Cross-pollination and ethnicity telescoping in the words of Aimée Césaire, we mean the mixing of our sixty ethnic groups, their cultures, their philosophies, beliefs, which constitute the metabolic maturation of our nation, initiated by the founder, President Felix Houphouet Boigny and encouraged by President Gbagbo  Laurent, must regain its momentum. We must absolutely take, on our way to the cultural synthesis, the modus vivendi based peace, social cohesion and live in our country. This is a very alarming about a situation far more important than the Syrian issue. Not that we  are trying to make a comparison but an organized genocide and a systematic extermination  of civilian non combatant and the expropriation  of their land by foreigners is far more serious than armed insurgents using civilians areas therefore risking the lives of non combatants. So why no one seems to care  about it  why this silence? The answer lies in the fact that the biggest "corpocratic" (multinational corporations leading politic and government) institution the UN led today France / UK and the US is about a land occupation operation in Ivory Coast. And as explained earlier the goal is control of land, resources and energy in order to impose the one world government of the New World Order. As George Soros(Ouattara's friend) one of the greatest evangelist of globalization said in about its open society philosophy that any country which refuses to open itself to the new world order penetration/occupation would be destabilized by any mean necessary. And he give sa clear detail on the strategy to achieve that goal which has been almost perfectly been applied in Ivory Coast for 30 years with the last 12 years being very decisiveSilvestro Montanaro the Italian investigation journalist explains it better in his documentary :


  So the fake UN report is nothing but an attempt to cover up  an illegal occupation and an ongoing genocide which have exposed by this real independent investigation journalist. Now you wonder why the most important issue of the crisis in Ivory  Coast hasn't been  investigated by the pseudo UN experts? Your help would be very determining to expose  stop and bring if possible the criminals  to justice . I say if possible because these criminals are all under the protection of the Bretton Woods international immunity act and they know that they have the license to kill in all impunity. So please do your part to stop this since in Ivory Coast the never again is rather again and again until the final Solution stands. And Ouattara campain slogan was the solution and he's still called by many of his supporters the Solution.

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