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Côte d'Ivoire: The deal that Gbagbo had proposed Choi

Côte d'Ivoire: The deal that Gbagbo had proposed Choi

Two weeks after the fall of the `state` s former leader, Laurent Gbagbo, we know a little more about what `s happened between him and the Special Representative of the secretary general of the UN Operation in Cote d` Ivoire, Choi Young Jin. Speaking at the site of SlateAfrique information, the South Korean diplomat has revealed that the negotiations he conducted with `Laurent Gbagbo that he may relinquish power to his rival Alassane Ouattara, after his defeat. According to the boss `s UNOCI, after he hath certified the results of the presidential election winner giving Ouattara Laurent Gbagbo has sent an emissary. This revealed Choi, asked `s he could do something that` s former head of state remains in power. "I really liked this guy. Gbagbo, through him, informed me that he had no option and must remain president. He asked me the question: Can we do something? I replied that we were the ones who really had no option, since we had certified the election very clear ", said the South Korean diplomat, who said he told the envoy` Gbagbo that if ( international community) fails here, she does not know what message is given when there are eighteen elections in Africa in the coming months. "Let him accept the result! Him, he had options. I gave him a document entitled The option Kérékou to recommend him to accept the result, to become a hero right now and try to return five years later. Kerekou, former President of Benin, suffered unexpected electoral defeat, which he accepted after two days. He was subsequently re-elected several times, "he advised. Before indicate that `s` `s former chief state` s has ignored its proposals. Best revealed Mr. Choi, according to the proclamation of results by the IEC, he met on 1 December 1 Laurent Gbagbo stubborn, refusing to hear right and who wished to remain in power at any cost despite his defeat. What `s led to say that` s former tenant of the presidential palace had lost contact with reality. With multiple cards, Laurent Gbagbo held that `s bad, as the boss` s UNOCI. "He discerned over what was good or bad for him. When I told him we had no choice, he did not understand. Had he accepted the reality as early as December, he could be in Paris in major conferences today, "he adds, before continuing:" I told him on December 1: "Mr. President If you take that fateful decision, what will your place in history? You are a professor of history. If your decision involves hundreds of deaths, destruction, suffering of the Ivorian people, what will your place in history? "He was silent a moment and replied:" I can not abdicate because of that . 'I was a little surprised. "Abdicate" not a word for a man democratically elected. " After this conversation, Choi said he learned that Laurent Gbagbo had secured its future. "He has lost touch with reality," he said, but recalled his delicate mission that has many pitfalls that `he has avoided. `In the case announcing the results of presidential elections by the chairman of the CIS, Youssouf Bakayoko` s headquarters UNOCI. If this were the case, argued the `speaker, this would invalidate its certification. "As chairman of the CIS Côte d'Ivoire, it should announce the results on the territory, and not in a place outside the territory. It would also compromise my certification. Had I accepted, I would have given the impression of support, "he noted, pointing to the passage have avoided civil war and the destruction of bridges in Abidjan, the airport, the port, the electricity and water. "Everything is well preserved. We avoided that Gbagbo was dead when he found himself at the hands of Mr. Ouattara.This would have posed many problems. I do not see how you could have done otherwise. We were very lucky to have avoided all this, "he` s glad.
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I replied that we were the ones who really had no option, since we had certified the election very clear "
This sounds exactly like dilemma the ONU had after its involvement in the Afghan presidential election mass frauds." UN official warned there would be "no real legitimacy if Karzai claims to have won on the first round". He said: "If the international community say it is all wonderful, they lose further credibility
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