Saturday, 7 May 2011

Alert: Death programmed for people close to President Gbagbo transferred to prisons in the North.

Alert: Death programmed for peuple close to President Gbagbo transferred to prisons in the North.

  After making the point with our correspondents in northern areas where the military andcivilian prisoners close to President Gbagbo, the reality is quite depressing consideringthe inhuman treatment meted out to these prisoners.

Since their transfer to these prisons, here's the real point of their detention:

Alive (the prisoners) in horrible conditions, indescribable, in the Apocalypse all, theyhave so far not taken a shower. This caused the infection of severe injuries from tortureand beatings during their visit at the Golf Hotel. No medical examination was grantedonly to discuss their health or even cure their injuries.

They are piled on each other in a room that could be called tin of sardines with a very high temperature.

They are entitled to one meal per day, the porridge that even a dog could swallow.

If nothing is done to help them, we may be witness to a mass carceral shortly.

So this is the place to stop and make an urgent appeal to the international comunity asnational organizations of human rights, as well as humanitarian organizations includingthe International Red Cross to intervene with of FRCI that prisoners have a living wage in the absence of complete liberation.

For true reconciliation can be built by respecting the rights of everyone and a réal tolerance.

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