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Côte d'Ivoire: bulky skeletons

Côte d'Ivoire: bulky skeletons
Alassane Ouattara is the new 
"legal" president  to Côte d'Ivoire since May 6 Despite his so called electoral victory last November 28 he came  to power as head of state  by force, with blood on their hands. This will inevitably have consequences. The massacres committed by the pro-Ouattara in their speed conquest of the country , especially after the arrest of Laurent Gbagbo on April 11 have seriously marred the start of his mandate.

Alassane Ouattara is sworn in as president of Côte d'Ivoire May 6, 2011 in Abidjan.AFP / Issouf Sanogo
The "stubbornness" of Laurent Gbagbo to "cling to power" at any cost has torn the country for over four months and caused thousands of deaths as claim his opponents. But the "victory" of the pro-Ouattara, because it was bloody and vengeful, merely widen the gap even more. It was badly we want to begin a warrant under the sign of reconciliation.
The images of the arrest of Laurent and Simone Gbagbo, son bloodied, announced a hunt mercilessly. On the one hand, Ouattara gave the assurance that the former head of state would be treated with dignity, on the other, its television broadcast pictures humiliating. Images that could only offend half of Ivorians who voted for Gbagbo. Images that could only fuel the resentment, anger, incite the faithful of the defeated president to continue their senseless struggle.
In imposing such a public humiliation to his opponent, Alassane Ouattara was sending a terrible message to its armed forces on the ground. Show loop military pro-Ouattara insult the corpses of presidential guards was received as a kickoff to the witch hunt.
Hunt supporters pro-Gbagbo
From April 12, Amnesty International denounced the acts of retaliation and violence against pro-Gbagbo, reported evidence of murder, terrorized inhabitants. The researcher responsible for Africa at Amnesty International, Salvatore Sagues, launched the cry of alarm over the airwaves of Radio France International on April 15.
"There is actually a manhunt in Abidjan, and now we must stop it immediately. This is extremely serious. You know how Amnesty criticized constantly for ten years is what Laurent Gbagbo. But what happens now is unimaginable! There are people without any checks that are committing barbaric things and it is imperative that this be known. I'm quite surprised by the content of the press in France. One has the impression that things are getting better and better. This is absolutely not true. We have no sympathy for the old regime, but what is happening is unacceptable [...] These abuses are committed by armed men. Either they are people who belong to the Republican Forces (pro-Ouattara) or the military republican do nothing to stop these people. And so, the authorities are responsible for what happens there. Currently in Abidjan, there are thousands of people who are terrified and are in danger. "
The most troubling face of countless testimonies stating this witch hunt, but the denial of government Ouattara. "To say that people claiming to Alassane Ouattara chasing men in Abidjan is totally false! Do not tell the truth-cons as serious as these, "said Patrick Achi, the government spokesman Ouattara.
"Come save us"
In the days that followed the arrest of Laurent Gbagbo, I received many calls from distressed Ivorians who wanted that "Canada" go get them. "Come save us, why Canada is not doing anything? "One asked me. Pro-Gbagbo known, but people still uncommitted, whose only crime was to live in an area known to harbor supporters of Laurent Gbagbo, or, in San Pedro in particular, being a member of an ethnic group with a reputation to vote more for the former president. I will never forget the voice of the woman, the mother of a pro-Gbagbo living in Canada itself apolitical. She whispered so as not to be heard by attackers in the streets, looting the house of a neighbor. It was believed to be the next target. I have not heard from him.
During the offensive of the pro-Ouattara and after April 11, almost all Canadians of Ivorian origin have experienced this anxiety, unbearable to be without news of relatives for days. Many citizens trapped in Abidjan during those terrible days have asked Canadian authorities to be evacuated. They never got an answer. Why Canada has he not offered to evacuate its nationals in Côte d'Ivoire, as we did in Libya?
Skeletons in the Closet
According to the Ivorian newspaper L'Intelligent, 21 heads of state have confirmed their presence at the inauguration of Alassane Ouattara, on 21 May. But it is up to Ivorians that the new head of state must address. This former director of the IMF must learn to make love to a people deeply torn, wounded in his flesh. Not a family in Ivory Coast has been spared the violence of recent months. Both sides are mourning their dead.
The new Ivorian president he will take his distance from those to whom he owed his ultimate victory? These are the weapons and rebels Guillaume Soro, with the active support of the French army, which enabled him to defeat Laurent Gbagbo. Guillaume Soro is still the Prime Minister and Defense Minister of Cote d'Ivoire.
As a former rebel leader in northern remain strong man government Ouattara, the road to reconciliation will be a minefield. The government Ouattara remain haunted by the skeletons in the closet of Guillaume Soro (including Ibrahim Coulibaly, his former brother in arms, killed April 27 in Abidjan, and the Minister Desire Tagro, secretary general of the presidency, was killed during the arrest of Laurent Gbagbo in mysterious circumstances). The new president of Côte d'Ivoire has he the courage to remove from power the warlord who led the presidential palace?

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