Monday, 2 June 2014

UN sees nothing yet (UN/France illegal occupation of the Ivory coast)

The Special Representative of the Secretary General of the UN in Ivory Coast Aïchatou Mindaoudou said on Friday that the UN mission will be alongside Ivory Coast for the organization of the presidential election of 2015.

According to Ms. Mindaoudou who was speaking in an interview with the media, the UN support will be multiform .

" This will include logistical support , and support in terms of training," she said , noting that the United Nations has always worked for peace and security in Ivory Coast.

The Special Representative , " the 2015 election will be a turning point in the political and economic life of Ivory Coast ." Ms. Mindaoudou has called on Ivorian to overcome their political differences in order to prevent the country another post-election crisis .

" Ivorians must show that they no longer want to return to the electoral crisis of 2010," she noted .

The presidential election is scheduled for October 2015 in Ivory Coast..

At least four candidates including the current President Alassane Ouattara have already reported for this election.

On several occasions, the government and the opposition and the civil society have expressed the wish to see in the country to organize a credible presidential election transparent and inclusive in order to close the " painful parenthesis election " of 2010 and 2011.

The above is a blatant exposure of the lies of this dangerous institution called UN.....Firstly all document and reports from international NGO such as Amnesty international including the UN own report show that the social political and economical situation in the country are not stable and no election can be possible without the issues being resolved ....We should note that the painful "parenthesis election " of 2010 and 2011. sponsored , by the UN
included logistical support , and support in terms of training etc....And although the UN mandate was to bring peace and security in Ivory Coast we saw the opposite the UN failure to disarm the rebels in the north,,, rigged elections with the help of the UN, refusal to recount the disputed elections results and choosing war instead .The UN was and still is the problem in Ivory Coast and not the solution...The UN as France are not neutral in Ivory Coast ..Ouattara is an agent of the IMF (financial branch of the UN ) France has an inverted interested and would like to keep its grips on the resources of the country...both entities (France and UN) are the cover of the multinationals running the Ivory Coast..... So which Ivorian in his/her right mind would call mafia organisation and state such as the UN and France who are the sources of all the problem in the country to organize an election given what happened on last time ? No the Ivorian people would accept to go to an election supervised by neutral countries such as the #BRICS(#Bresil, #Russia #India #China #South Africa ) two of them are permanent members of the #UNSC... The Ivorian demand the end of the illegal occupation of the #Ivory Coast by #France under the disguise of the UN mission.....The post electoral crisis was engineered by France and the UN on behalf of the multinational so noway the Ivorian would call their worse enemy to resolve the very problem the enemy caused and still intends to cause,,,,occupation, subjugation, colonization extermination looting of resources...There would be no election without the immediate release of legal and democratically elected President Gbagbo and his spouse as well as all the political prisoners , the termination of the illegal French and UN occupation , and the guarantee that the BRICS would the neutral forces supervising the elections...The Special Representative of the Secretary General of the UN Ivory Coast Aïchatou Mindaoudou exposed unwillingly her organization lies by contradicting here her predecessor Mr Choi and her boss Mr Ban Ki Moon when admitting the fact that there's a need of credible transparent and inclusive presidential election in order to close the " painful parenthesis " of 2010 and 2011 elections...meaning the election of 2010 was not credible and transparent as Choi and Ban Ki Moon said...Thus confirming that the UN was the cause of the crisis...After the intervention of the UN and French troops Ivory Coast was ranked in 2012 the 3rd country in the world and the number one in Africa where there's more killing per inhabitant(this never happened even during the war which divided the country,,,and today Ouattara regime is withing the 16 mist dictatorial in the world again never in the history of thus country even during the era of the
single party Ivory Coast was within the worse tyrannic regime...even when the country was running with about 60% of the resources controlled by the rebels the economy was more stable than today....the 40% on which the country was living was crushed by the UN, France and EU during the crisis the engineered in a series of blockade and embargoes, today with 100% of the country under "his" control or rather the multinationals control the economical situation is in a worse situation,,as matter of fact very ill dictator such as Ouattara is trying to run for a second mandate in order to stabilize the in which way the UN in Ivory Coast is beneficial to the Ivorian people ? ,,,None on the contrary the presence of the UN/French has worsen the the situation....
#BringBackOurGbagbo #FreeGbagbo #BringBackOurPresidentGbagbo — #CIV2010 #CLIFCI

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