Saturday, 8 June 2013


DUEKOUE alert / what is the #UNOCI COOKING at DUEKOUE city since this morning? Fabricating evidences against Gbagbo? # FreeGbagbo

It is  been coming up to us repeatedly that early this morning 7am, detachment of UNOCI in the city gathered plane wrecks in large quantities and set them on fire and then made ​​a video taken of individuals who lied  as certainly dead by the  flames. We trust in the skill and expertise of Gbagbo lawyers to remove such rudeness but it is useful for us to advise the national and international opinion and invite all  Ivorian  to extreme vigilance about facts and movements of this organization and Dramane Ouattara men  #  capable of anything implausible scenario in their quest for additional(real evidences as requested by the the ICC)'' evidence'' hoping to bend the verdict of the #ICC in their  faveur. All Ivorian should report or even better photograph these suspect movements to be used for this end.If they(UNOCI and Alassane dictatorial regime) think  of distracting and intimidate us by arbitrary Hitler style arrests(Koua Justin , JFPI the Ivorian People Parti Youth  National Secretary Kidnapped  at  the FPI HQ  ordered by  Ouattara ) , it  is doomed to failure, we are committed and we are sensing  just like them the return of our leader. Ivorian proud.

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