Friday, 3 May 2013

Syria refugees are privileged the rest can die( Sudanese in Darfur, Ivorian in Togo, Ghana. the refugees in Congo etc )

May 3, 2013
The Togolese army has set  the Ivorian refugees Avepozo Camp in Lome, Togo on fire. The  incident  was purposely set to force refugees to leave the camp and "return" home ... where Ouattara and Dominique will welcome them with checks and reconstructed homes! Unfortunately this is not the case, you can well imagine, what Ouattara interests  is that the international community can recognize some happy  exiles who  are coming home and that he is  giving proof of its willingness to reconcile, to reach out and forgive!

Yesterday Gogoua family had been been going through hasdhip , Ms. was beaten to the point of having to be hospitalized, undermined by the regular army of Togo, without any provocation, of her part. Her only "mistake" was to dare on African radio, VRA expose the plight of Ivorian  in at the refugees camp in Lome that has been going on for months, and some unfair, unjust behavior of the  authorities  in camp as well as the  UNHCR. We do not know the evolution of the health status of this courageous mother and pastor's wife who for months with other courageous women braved  the Togolese authorities and UNHCR  who no longer distributes  the minimum rations  required for these exiles with children without resources.
At the time of this writing, the camp is still besieged by the army that holds Mrs. Gogoua her husband, their children, some of the women leaders of the protest movement and some young people.
But we can once again highlight the social and tearful speech of the international community with its "humanitarian commission" is in stark contrast to the reality on the ground showing us a population victim of Ouattara and his brothers in the -humanity. Bravo Ouattaran Alassane , Congratulations President Faure Eyadema of Togo, once again Thanks the  UN and UNHCR.
Shlomit Abel with Claudus Kouadio
Photo: APRES SON PASSAGE HIER SUR LA VRA (Voix de la Resistance Africaine)

Madame Elisabeth GOGOUA la Présidente des femmes du camp et porte-parole du mouvement en cours vient d’être sauvagement battu par les soldats Togolais. Elle se trouve en ce moment dans un état critique.
Claudus Kouadio

Meanwhile here what the so called international community is concerned about :

How on earth do you do such things ? On one hand you pratice an annihilation by starvation on Ivorians and on the other you call the world not to forget about  people of Syria ?

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