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The USA refusal to accept the Venezuela election results might reveal an international plot in Ivory Coast

 The USA refusal to accept the Venezuela's election result might force the international community(UN,US.EU ) to reveal who actually won the election 2010 in Ivory Coast. The  Globalization in the Geo-politics  imposes to us some twisting  issues :


The disputed election results which led to a war  crystallized around Gbagbo
case examined before the International Criminal Court (ICC). .

.. So here what the legal legitimate President of Ivory Coast M Laurent Gbagbo  said at the hearing :

Madam President, ladies and gentlemen judges
I followed these debates, I heard a lot of things, some times I found myself in Ivory Coast, but other times  so far away.
Maybe it happened like that elsewhere in Africa but not in Ivory Coast at the time of Gbagbo.
That is to say, there are little things like that which could have been avoided ... and it prevents us from going immediately to the bottom of the problem.Madam Speaker, my life and that, it is not only in Ivory Coast but throughout Africa and throughout France politics, I fought for democracy.
I have asked my lawyers last week, I told them that I wanted to send you all the books I've written about my journey. I would simply say that Madam Prosecutor said something that shocked me somehow.
By saying that we are not here to see who won the election and has not won. But we can not talk, and can not discuss the post-election crisis and do not know how the elections went over.
Who won the election? Because it is he who has not won that sowed disorder/ troubles. I think that's the logic.
So the question is: Who won the elections? And so when I asked and said lets count the votes, it was not a sentence in the air.
You saw yourself available documents to
the prosecution on which and the voices of the voters are listed. We have seen that in the only city of Bouaké, they added 100,000 votes to my opponent.
That is the substance of the matter.

Thus madam this is what I wanted to say..
We need democracy ..

So we need democracy Madame. But democracy is not only the vote, it's who proclaims the vote. That's also democracy.
When they go to take a night, the chairman of the electoral group (IEC Ed.), who is  led in the electoral headquarters of a candidate, they invite a foreign television, telling him to make a declaration and they film him and diffuse it the next morning. It is not very democratic that's not democracy.
Democracy, is the respect for the texts, starting with the highest standards of law  that is the Constitution.The one who does not respect the Constitution is not democratic.
Madam, it is because I respected the Constitution, that they want to bring me here.

HEM Laurent Gbagbo President of the Republic of Ivory Coast
Now if we go on the depth of the matter it's obvious that the refusal to recount the disputed election results caused the death of 3000 people officially. It's therefore to cover up this crime that the rhetoric regarding Pr Gbagbo refusal to accept his defeat was relayed by the meanstream medias like parrots. This was so   since the crimes(Ivory Coast in less than 2 years became the 1st country in Africa and the 3rd country in the world where there's more killings since this situation) in Ivory Coast which is still on going involve  the heads of the following entities UN,EU, US, France, UK acting as commercially representatives of the multinationals.
.Isn't strange for a cour accusing a President for refusing to concede his defeat at the election to say through the main prosecutor(Fatou Bensouda ) " We are not here to prove who won the election" ...this demonstrates not only a running away from the reality concerning the actual cause of the post electoral crise resulting in more than 3000 deaths which is the refusal of Mr Ouattara and his sponsors to recount the disputed results as any democratic person would had done.   And Mrs Bensouda statement also reveals that the accusations against Gbagbo regarding his refusal to concede his defeat (which never was since he can prove the contrary but the accusers cannot do so ) has not a single foundation and is baseless.

the deaths were caused by the refusal to recount the disputed election results. What makes more sense or stand water? How  one can recognize a defeat when the evidence demonstrates the opposite and why refuse the supposed winner  refuses a recount to prove his victory rejecting all negotiations and choosing war  instead?
We will always come back to who won the 2010 elections in Ivory Coast ?
  . This is France's, UN, US, EU involvement in the conflict that would be under radars. So we would come back to main point who won that very election ?

 Obama and the so called international community rejected the idea of recounting the disputed results in Ivory Coast yet in Venezuela the US refuses to accept a result why ? Well we would be happy to send you the 2010 elections audit even if the UN has burnt their copies we have ours still kept safe.


Senator Jim Inhofe testifies :

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