Monday, 26 November 2012

Manipulated justice

Statement by the Canadian Louise Arbour, Presidentof the International Crisis Group;
Former Judge of the Supreme Court of Canada,Former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) for Rwanda,
and former High Commissioner to the United Nations human rights."Partisan"Justice, "obstacle to reconciliation" in Côte d'Ivoire (ICG)
ABIDJAN - Justice "dangerously partisan" which is exercised in Ivory Coast at the expense of the few supporters of the` ex-President Laurent Gbagbo is "a major obstacle to reconciliation," the
International Crisis Group(ICG) warned on Monday  .
In a report entitled "Lowering the pressure," ICG condemns  " one way"
justice for crimes committed during the post-election crisis of December 2010-April 2011, which killed about 3,000 people.
Twenty figures of the former regime are charged and held in the north of the country for violent crime, undermining the security of the State or for `economic crimes. `Eight of them, including` s former first lady Simone Gbagbo, are also charged with "genocide."
Criticizing the choice of the latter charge as" inappropriate, "the thinktank states that` "beyond the awkward choice to grow crimes which  are serious enough, emerges a clear lack of will" of the part of
Alassane Ouattara the regime  "to have a more balanced justice ."
"This partial justice is a major obstacle to reconciliation," currently "stalled", leaving 
in the` Gbagbo electorate and beyond a "continuing  feeling of a victor's justice  and` additional humiliation, "wrote ICG.
The International Criminal Court (ICC) "could quickly put the Ivorian authorities to undertake their responsibilities and to rebalance justice dangerously partisan," she said .
"Only the hearing or indictment of `
official forces in power involved associated with past violence can fight the feeling of` injustice "felt by a part of the population, says International Crisis Group.
One year after the transfer to The Hague of Laurent Gbagbo, suspected by the ICC for crimes against the humanity, the Court announced Nov. 22 have issued a warrant against shutoff Simone Gbagbo to the same charge.
The office of the ICC prosecutor has stated in the past that he `had also intended to prosecute
personalities in Ouattara camp some of which are suspected of serious crimes.
Bingnégnélon Zéagnélon De Laidjéhan 

Now it's not a secret that this injustice is ran by the UN French EU. US coalition who are the covering of the multinational corporate with invested interest in Ivory Coast . The Multinationals through the French Ministry of defense declared few months ago that African emancipation and freedom  movements are dangerous for the West. In one word anyone in Africa who want fait trade , or economical independence has to be eliminated . Gbagbo being the last symbol of African total independence is the public enemy number one and all those who support this idea with him would suffer the same consequence as we can see. So the unappropriated charges against Gbagbos camps is part of the same package of plot. We all know that Ouattara being from the IFM therefore part of the UN is under the Bretton Woods immunity act that protect him from all charges. He has been given the license to massacre and kill in all impunity specially if he;s doing it in behalf of the multinationals  and as was declared by the French. Notice that according to the ICC  Gbagbo is  at the Hague because he's suspected for crimes against the humanity as the supreme chief of the army, yet Ouattara is not even cited once although he;s the supreme chief of the army which perpetrated genocide on civilians in Duekoue and Nihably where almost everyday mass graves are discovered. Those mass graves would had never been excavated if independent NGO did not insist since Ouattara regime with the complicity of the UN wanted to prevent the searches. The Question is why prevent the searches  ? Well according to the testimoniesies of the Duekoue genocide survivors the UN/French troops participated to the massacres. So any surprise why the so called international criminal court pretends not to know who is the supreme chief of the genocide perpetrating army Mr Ouattara while not only Gbagbo but his spouse are suspected by the same court ?

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