Sunday, 4 November 2012

Ivory Coast - Duekoue 362 rapes in a year and half by the UN, EU. US backed regime

Duekoue women protest against rape and killing, 362 rape cases in a year and  half it's enough....

A recent Amnesty international report confirmed the declaration of  the UNOCI spokesman, Kenneth Blackman, made to journalists few months ago regarding  members of Ouattara armed forces, known as FRCI carrying out rapes, acts of torture, armed robberies and other abuses in several locations. This is what many Ivorian women endure from the UN, EU and US backed regime. The most shocking in all this issue is that not only Mrs Pillay has become blind and mute the daily  but the new noble peace prize Mr Prodi during his visit in Abidjan reaffirmed the full backing of the EU to the genocide perpetrator regime led by Ouattara without any worry about the killing and the rapes of women. Meanwhile the ICC is illegally  holding President Ggbagbo at the Hague pretesting that a conditional release might cause some socio-pilitical unrest since the Ivorian might want him back in power. Well firstly he has never lost power  although has been kidnapped the majority of the people of Ivory Coast elected him democratically as president so it's more than legitimate that they want him back  on power. We have exagerated reports about  the Syrian government a its so called abuses  of human when defending order yet we have the same UN. EU. and the US protecting and backing a regime doing worse with almost no media coverage.
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