Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ivorian deemed Obama and the "international community" backed regime not good

Côte d'Ivoire/Ivory Coast : Polls Site The 2012 balance sheet of Alassane Ouattara deemed "not good" for 59.6% of koacinautes

Question: Côte d'Ivoire/ Ivory Coast : systematic insecurity during the events,
of  the Plateau was the drama  sadly predictable ?
Poll created on: 01-01-2013
73.7%: Yes
25.9%: No
0.4%: No opinion
Total: 4416 votes

KORAS awards 2012 in Abidjan fiasco  : Feeling waste of public money? Poll created on: 31-12-2012
78.9%: Yes
20.7%: No
0.4%: No opinion
Total: 3981 votes

Question: Côte d'Ivoire: HIPC ,attacks, unemployment ... The 2012 balance sheet Ouattara is it good?
Poll created on: 29-12-2012
40.2%: Yes
59.6%: No
0.2%: No opinion
Total: 5390 votes

Question: Côte d'Ivoire/
Ivory Coast: the approach of municipal and regional elections, for or against the dual mandate?
Poll created on: 27-12-2012
4.7%: For
94.7%: Against
0.5%: No Opinion
Total: 2281 votes

Question: If we are heading to a military coup in Central African Republic? Poll created on: 26-12-2012
83.6%: Yes
16.2%: No
0.2%: No Opinion
Total: 2497 votes

Question: In a changing world, Côte d'Ivoire/
Ivory Coast as a country  has it become "problematic"?
Poll created on: 25-12-2012
66.9%: Yes
32.8%: No
0.4%: No Opinion
Total: 3261 votes

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So Obama and Co  please  remember that our  country is none your business....Find  jobs for you own people and sort our your recession issue before trying to get involve in other countries domestic affairs....If you are really about the verdict of the people of Ivory Coast then they are saying that your choice might be advantageous  to you( corporates) but it is wrong and not good for them and their nation.

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